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XCUBE - Modular Hardshell Backpack for Photographer & Traveler

XCUBE - Modular Hardshell Backpack for Photographer & Traveler

🏆 XCUBE - Modular Hardshell Backpack for Photographer & Traveler


🎯 Modular Hardshell Backpack for Photographer & Traveler

Backpacks are amid the greatest products to assist backpackers or whichever travelers keep their stuff organized and clean.

This hardshell backpack is sturdy yet light, simple yet roomy, plus the inside is wholly customizable, featuring Velcro dividers and two modules. It is also stretchy and theft-proof and comes with numerous partitions. Pick between two alternatives of 26/34L or 32/43L.

The Xcube is a hard-shell backpack for photographers created with a patent-pending C-SPII Shell Tech with Arial ABS/PC. The hard-shell will successfully handle the shock if mistakenly dropped from as high as 2 meters, leaving your valuables safe. This gadget backpack is as well watertight, no matter snow or rain, implying it as well effortless to clean. You only need to hold it under running water to wash-off whichever dirt.

The dedicated compartment for your laptop contentedly holds laptops up to 17 inches. This gadget bag also comes with 15 compartments, ten regular ones, and four hidden for keeping personal stuff.

The finest thing regarding the Xcube backpack is that it is usable for numerous objectives. It can be employed as a photography gear carrier, as a traveling or office bag and comes with 6 Velcro partitions that can be customized inside your carrier.

XCUBE - Modular Hardshell Backpack for Photographer & Traveler

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