Refund policy

Our goal is for customers to be happy with their purchase.

But things may not always go to plan.

If things don’t go to plan, contact us and we will try to make things right for you.

This policy does not limit your statutory rights to withdraw or cancel or rights you may have in relation to incorrect, damaged or defective goods.

For all shipments take from 6 up to 10 days (SHIPPING 6-10 DAYS):

All items come with a 14 day return policy.

We will offer full refund or a new replacement for package has been damaged during delivery.

Refund cannot be accepted if we have sent the correct product to your customer in good condition, and as described.

Packages that shipped from UK can be returned to our local warehouse but you will have to pay for the shipping fees, we will also offer full refund when the return product has not been used or damaged.

Some packages may also have customs clearance problems and can not be delivered to the destination because certain countrie's customs policy.

We will try to help you to solve customs clearance problem but not resend a new package again because it will not arrive either. 

Most South American countries have heavy customs policies and tax policies.


The procedure for returning merchandise is as follows:

a. The customer must first send a request for acceptance of the return:

b. The request is then confirmed by our customer services by e-mail who also issue a returns code.

c. The goods must be returned together with a copy of the e-mail confirmation containing relevant returns acceptance code.

d. Our logistics confirm return delivery of the package.

e. Confirmation is sent to the customer that the goods received match the returns request.

f. A credit note or a refund is issued in the customer's name.
If the order is damaged or incomplete for internal reasons (e.g. incorrect quantities shown as available in the website) a credit note will be immediately issued for the customer.


Please follow the instructions on how to return your item:

Box the item securely and include:
- Any accessories that came with the item.
- All original packaging.

Remove or black out any existing labels or bar codes on the box that you're returning.

Please write: FOR REFUND TO ORIGINAL FORM OF PAYMENT on top of the box opposite the return label.
- write the reason for return and the number of item.
Print and attach the prepaid label to the same box.
- wrote the reason for return and the number of item (IMPORTANT).

Bring your package to the nearest Post Office provided by Collect Plus.

We will track the package.
If there is anything we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us again.