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STORM 2 - The Ultimate EDC Power Bank For Digital Nomads

STORM 2 - The Ultimate EDC Power Bank For Digital Nomads

🏆 STORM 2 - The Ultimate EDC Power Bank For Digital Nomads


🎯 100W PD In/Out | 27600mAh/99.36Wh | 3.3-25.2V DC Out | 2 USB-C+USB-A+DC | Airline Safe | Compact Battery Bank With See-Through Design

Modern mobile devices are getting smaller, smarter, and more useful. However, battery capacity is not keeping pace with the power demands of gaming, apps and advanced technologies like 5G. Unfortunately for users, this means carrying more chargers and backup batteries while on the go.

Low-battery anxiety is real and it keeps getting worse every day!

The only real solution is to have a compact, portable fast-charging power bank to reliably power up all the devices you use daily. It has to work fast, travel light, and fit seamlessly into your lifestyle!

Its Cyberpunk style transparent case marks the new era of power banks. The sci-fi display screen provides users total freedom and charging control. Equipped with an adjustable DC output, STORM 2 can charge up all your devices and gadgets safely and reliably. It handles all your charging needs with 2 USB-C charging ports that can quickly charge most modern electronics and a USB-A port for mobile devices.

STORM 2’s on-display power management system visualizes the battery life, charge cycles, output distribution per battery cell, running temp, and DC voltage adjustment in a clear, concise, and intuitive way, giving you unparalleled control and access to all the information you need.

The Cyberpunk style see-through design reveals its sophisticated circuit board, including the 32-bit M3 ARM MCU chip, and the contrast between chaotic electronic components and the perfect virtual world that it connects.

STORM 2 easily satisfies the needs of travelers and digital nomads with a powerful 27600mAh / 99.36Wh capacity. STORM 2 is a pocket-size powerhouse that has the maximum allowable capacity that still meets airline approval.

A dedicated 3.3-25.2V adjustable & customizable DC barrel port output meets all your specific device charging needs. STORM 2 is also the best choice when you are outdoors for running electric camp coolers, fans, shower water pumps, projectors, drones, or an electric soldering iron.

Featuring 100W PD Fast-Charging USB Ports compatible with all devices equipped with 100W PD fast-charging protocol, STORM 2 can fast-charge any electronic device anytime & anywhere via the two USB type-C & one USB A ports. Its 8 high power density lithium batteries can charge devices for up to a week.

STORM 2 supports fast-charging of 3 devices simultaneously. So you can charge your DJI drone with the DC port, MacBook Pro & iPhone with two USB-C ports, and your smart watch at the same time to boost your productivity.

With its 100W PD fast-charging DC input, there is no need to panic when your STORM 2 needs to recharge. Just 1.5 hours is enough to fully charge its 27600mAh/99.36Wh capacity.

The pass-through capability provides users with more charging convenience. It allows you to charge all your devices via the USB-C & USB-A ports while recharging STORM 2.

STORM 2 has a complete protection system built-in which includes Voltage Protection, Short Circuit, and Temperature Protection. It’s equipped with the safest Panasonic lithium battery pack approved by Tesla and V0 classification Fireproof PC Chassis. Safety is their first priority.

► STORM 2 - The Ultimate EDC Power Bank For Digital Nomads

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