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SPLAY - The 2 In 1 Large And Portable Display And Projector

SPLAY - The 2 In 1 Large And Portable Display And Projector

🏆 SPLAY - The 2 In 1 Large And Portable Display And Projector


🎯 Patented Expandable Display Technology and Ultra-Short-Throw Pico Projector | Battery-Powered | Stereo Speakers | HDMI or Wireless

Splay easily transforms between the largest portable display and the only ultra-short-throw pico projector. Made from patent-granted technology, including the world's only display material that fully expands and folds in all directions. Splay is your flexible companion for busy workdays, fun adventure days, and more.

Splay doubles up both as an expandable display with an awesome 24.5-inch diagonal screen size, and also as a fully portable projector with an ultra-short throw range and bright, FHD, 1920×1080 quality. You get 2 game-changing products in 1 portable package!

Splay has a bright, full-HD pico projector and an ultra-short-throw projection distance, meaning you get a bigger image in a smaller space.

In projector mode, Splay has auto vertical keystone, so if you tilt the projector upwards, the image automatically corrects.

Splay isn’t just a portable projector, it also doubles up as a full portable screen compatible with your smartphone, laptop, or gaming device.

Splay is the largest portable display on the market at 24.5”. With up to 4 hours of battery life and ultra-bright 800 nits, you can work stress-free in any indoor environment and outside in well-shaded areas.

Splay is the next level when it comes to portable projectors and displays. They use 3 patented innovative technologies to make Splay truly stand out from the rest.

In collaboration with a leading nano-materials science research centre, they developed (and patented!), the first type of projection screen material that significantly mitigates wrinkles when collapsed. No other display can fully fold and expand in all directions! Combined with the tension applied by the arms, this ensures a flat, durable screen that gives a high-quality image!

When compared to traditional vinyl and plasticizer-based projector screens on the market, Splay's screen will stay wrinkle-free no matter how many times it's folded and unfolded. Fabric-based screens are heavy, bulky, difficult to set up, and have terrible rear-projection image quality (since the holes in the fabric make it impossible to evenly disperse the light).

In collaboration with the leading projection engine company, they developed the only ultra-short-throw pico projector. All other portable projectors that weigh less than 5 pounds, need about 3x or more the projection distance as Splay. All other ultra-short-throw projectors weigh around 5 pounds or more and take up more much more volume than Splay. Splay weighs just 2.5 pounds.

Having to find the perfect spot for a traditional projector can be a pain - you need to make sure it's far enough away from your wall so that the picture is big enough and clear enough, and then also make sure it's above everyone's heads, so you don't get shadows in the way of your picture! Splay's ultra short throw distance means you can get a bright, large, clear image with Splay being just a few feet away from your surface.

Through years of R&D, they developed the only expandable display mechanics. Quickly and durably expanding a flat, fully tensioned screen may seem simple, but it's not! Traditional projector screens take a long-time to set up (a quick setup is usually around 10 minutes) and align to the projector. With Splay, you're good to go in seconds. Splay's patented retractable arms are extremely durable and easy to use!

Splay isn’t the only portable display or portable projector on the market, but it is the largest portable display and the only ultra-short-throw pico projector.

► SPLAY - The 2 In 1 Large And Portable Display And Projector

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