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POCKET TRIPOD PRO - The Only Everyday-Carry Tripod

POCKET TRIPOD PRO - The Only Everyday-Carry Tripod

🏆 POCKET TRIPOD PRO - The Only Everyday-Carry Tripod


🎯 The First Design Leap For Tripods In Almost 200 Years.

Geometrical’s Pocket Tripod® was designed to provide the same functionality as a photography tripod, with the added benefit of fitting in a wallet. That means next time you want to capture a time-lapse while you're taking a break on your hike, you don’t need to perform a balancing act using rocks and water bottles.

As the name implies, a tri-pod is something that has three legs. But the Pocket Tripod’s designer didn’t let definitions limit his creativity.

The result is a curious-looking card, that transforms into a structure that’s capable of holding a phone at any angle. It does this by holding the phone within parts called “adapters”, which connect to the rest of the tripod through circular rails. As a result, the angle adjustment feels similar to that of adjusting the angle of a laptop’s screen.

Geometrical has designed the Pocket Tripod to be future-proof, unlike many other phone accessories which become obsolete the moment that you upgrade your phone.

So if you upgrade to a phone that’s a millimeter thinner than your last one, you don’t have to worry about it wiggling around in your Pocket Tripod. That means that instead of having to buy a whole new Pocket Tripod each time, you can simply buy the very affordable adapters instead.

POCKET TRIPOD PRO - The Only Everyday-Carry Tripod

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