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PICO - A Garden In Your Palm

PICO - A Garden In Your Palm

🏆 PICO - A Garden In Your Palm


🎯 Telescopic LED lights, multiple mounts, and self-watering system brings thriving plants everywhere

Always wanted to have fresh edibles at hand? Imagine being able to throw your own homegrown, organic basil onto that bowl of pasta, or some fresh mint on your chicken.

Research has long suggested that indoor plants have a positive effect on the human mind and body. Studies show up to 60% reduction in depression, over 40% in anger, and just under 40% in anxiety. And at work, plants have increased the productivity of the office by up to 15%!

Plants have been proven to improve motivation and concentration, increase energy levels and decrease fatigue. And thanks to the transpiration and evaporation of water from plants, they increase the air quality and improve eye strain and skin health, and reduce the spread of airborne diseases.

Moreover, growing plants indoors around the year can be tough because they require lots of direct sunlight to thrive. Thanks to Pico's multi-spectrum LED grow lights, giving your plant enough light isn’t a problem anymore.

The LEDs are mounted on an easily-adjustable telescopic arm—because plants grow like crazy under our LEDs! Reminiscent of a vintage radio antenna, it grows alongside your plants. As they extend upwards towards the light, extend Pico by up to a foot in height.

With its USB Type-C ports on both sides, you can chain up to 3 Picos together with a regular phone charger. Or build yourself an indoor jungle with 6 Picos powered through a 5V 3A charger! Just connect cables to either side, and each Pico will accept and pass-through power to the next one.

Power Pico through any USB Type-C cable. Included with your Pico are 2 cables to get you started, a short double-ended USB-C and a 3 meter (10’) super-long cable, along with magnetic organizer loops to help route the cable around fridges, windows or anything else magnetic. You may use any phone charger to power the Pico and the optional Pico-timer to automate it.

Regardless of how busy you are, Pico’s watering system makes sure your plants have as much water as they need—no more, no less—to sustain their health and beauty. All you need to do is top-up once a week.

Pico comes assembled and ready to grow. Just take it out of the box, add some soil and water, and a few of your favorite seeds. Plug it in and watch your plants thrive!

► PICO - A Garden In Your Palm

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