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MOFT FLOAT - Invisible Stand And Case For Ipad Pro And New Ipad Air

MOFT FLOAT - Invisible Stand And Case For Ipad Pro And New Ipad Air

🏆 MOFT FLOAT - Invisible Stand And Case For Ipad Pro And New Ipad Air


🎯 A slim stand & case that provides adjustable height and unlimited angles. Taking your iPad Pro to next-level height and experience.

Designed for a more productive iPad Pro using experience, The MOFT Float Stand goes from a protective case to a unique multi-angle tablet stand to ease neck pain in all the iPad Pro using scenarios. Lightweight, slim, and portable, it empowers a mobile but focused working experience anywhere.

The iPad Pro is a perfect tablet, but the available accessories for it are bulky, redundant and inefficient. We’ve integrated all the features we need in one simple but versatile design to make it work for each individual’s way.” says Juliana He, founder and CEO of MOFT. “So that you can be more productive anywhere with less everyday carries.”

Levitates for a Healthy Posture: With the built-in stand, the MOFT Float Stand elevates the iPad Pro up to 8cm to allow the body to maintain healthy posture straight, eliminating individuals from having to continually look down causing neck pain. The special double-hinge-design allows a 130-degree screen-rotation to make the iPad Pro adapt to individuals, not the opposite.

3 Viewing Modes: Fully stretched to Floating Mode, the iPad is sturdily lifted with an exclusively designed leg so no more bending the neck for Zoom or stream watching. By simply adjusting the base, the Stable Mode is perfect for any horizontal interaction on iPad Pro, like sketching. With the Portrait Mode, it props up the device vertically for a better viewing experience.

Light and Slim: Continuing with the MOFT invisible design philosophy of “unseen, unfelt, and unnoticed,” the MOFT Float Stand “folds space” to smartly combine all necessary iPad accessories in one slim design. While providing sufficient protection, it saves space and makes mobile working convenient.

A Portable Workstation: Accompanied with a Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad, the MOFT Float transfers the device into an efficient but lightweight workstation anytime, anywhere. Also, the come-along Apple Pencil Holder protects the drawing tool and allows it to firmly attach to the case.

Material: TPU, Glassfiber, PC, Magnets, Aluminium, Alloy Steel, Silicone.

MOFT FLOAT - Invisible Stand And Case For Ipad Pro And New Ipad Air

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