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MOBVOI - Earbuds Gesture Intuitive AI Assistance

MOBVOI - Earbuds Gesture Intuitive AI Assistance

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πŸ† MOBVOI - Earbuds Gesture Intuitive AI Assistance


🎯 Earbuds Gesture Intuitive AI Assistance

Mobovi Earbuds Gesture gives you an intuitive hands-free experience.

The latest AI-controlled assistive features, such as head gestures and multi-touch controls.

Along with the independent connection, voice assistant support, and other amazing features.

Mobvoi Earbuds Gesture's smart and simple features are created to assist you with your everyday life.

Spend less time on your phone and carry on with your daily routines.

The in-house TicMotionβ„’: Head-gesture Controls detects head movements via the six-axis motion sensor.

Pick up calls by nodding twice or refuse calls by shaking twice.

Manage your audio with simple taps!

No matter how fast you tap it, the high-sensible touch bar will recognize the command.

The dual-mic noise cancellation eliminates any ambient noise during phone calls and delivers crystal-clear audio.

With a high-quality built-in button battery, Mobvoi Earbuds Gesture is embedded with a powerful battery life of up to 50 hours and provides up to 10 hours with a single use of earbuds.

You only need to charge once, and you're set for almost a week! Let's move the beat.

Monitor battery life and change the custom settings of the head gestures in the Mobvoi app.

When there's an incoming call, it can be received from the watch and controlled by the earbuds.

β–Ί MOBVOI - Earbuds Gesture Intuitive AI Assistance