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LANMODO VAST PRO - Night Vision System With Dashcam

LANMODO VAST PRO - Night Vision System With Dashcam

🏆 LANMODO VAST PRO - Night Vision System With Dashcam


🎯 Dual 1080P Night Vision | Full-color Image | Real-time Dash Cam | 24H Parking Monitor.

Lanmodo Vast Pro Night Vision System is an innovation that will bring you a safer driving journey. Featured with dual 1080P high resolution, full-color image, recording function, parking monitoring, and G-sensor, it will provide you a new driving experience day and night.

Featured with dual 1080P high resolution and full-color image for its both front and rear-view cameras, Vast Pro will provide drivers with a clear and crisp image even in darkness.

LVPro is designed with a Sony CMOS sensor chip and 7-layer full glass to capture a clear image in full-color at night. The view distance can up to 300M/984ft, providing drivers more reaction time to avoid an accident.

LVPro provides real-time recording with a clear image at 1080P for day and night to enhance your driving safety. The front and rearview cameras of the Vast Pro can record simultaneously, and it supports a maximum capacity of 128G.

Front 45° monitoring range & Rear 170° monitoring range to record all things well to protect your car during parking.

G-sensor detects a sudden collision and separately saves the collision footage to protect your car. All videos are stored in the TF card and named by recording time, you can directly playback videos on the system or check them on your computer through a card reader.

1080P high resolution & full-color image to capture a clear image of behind road conditions. Supports real-time recording and parking monitoring. IP67 waterproof, keep it safe from raindrops.

Even on the heavy rainy day, LVPro can capture a clear image of road conditions.

It's easy to meet some animals during night driving on country roads or dark roads without lights, Lanmodo Vast Pro can help drivers spot them in advance to avoid accidents in time.

Lanmodo Vast Pro can provide a clear image of road conditions while driving through the dark tunnel. Check the video to see the difference between the naked eye's vision and Vast Pro's night vision.

Compare to the Vast, the install stability of Lanmodo Vast Pro has been increased by washable, durable, and sticky Nano glue suction cup or base.

LANMODO VAST PRO - Night Vision System With Dashcam

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