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DUEX - Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitors

DUEX - Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitors

🏆 DUEX - Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitors


🎯 Smaller size meets a larger screen with lighter weight, autorotation mode, new device compatibility & more

With the pandemic dragging on, it’s clear that working from home is here to stay. Even when (and if) workplaces re-open, it’s fairly certain that flexible working will be the new normal, with people opting for a mix of WFH and office, or even working from the beach, park, or AirBnB.

Multi-screen monitors can increase productivity, but most people don’t want to shell out a ton of money for new monitors or lug one around.

This is where the latest dual screen monitors by Mobile Pixels come in. The DUEX Plus and DUEX Lite are on-the-go, completely portable dual-screen laptop accessories that seamlessly attach to the back of any laptop, instantly providing a dual-screen work experience.

We introducing the most upgraded, portable monitor for students, professionals, gamers, exercise enthusiasts, and more.

DUEX Lite features everything you love about the original DUEX but with a faster, sharper display and more color options. Whether you're looking for a secondary screen for everyday personal use or for completing school work on the go, DUEX Lite is a lightweight, slim, portable solution.

DUEX Lite also features the same screen size as its predecessor at 12.5” and uses slimmer magnets to adhere to the back of your laptop.

DUEX Plus offers a slightly larger display screen at 13.3” and is ideal for professionals and those who wish to multi-task with ease.

Whether you’re presenting, gaming, teaching, or multitasking, DUEX Plus is a clean, simple to use, plug-and-play solution. You can slide DUEX Plus to either side of your laptop screen. The display has 1080p resolution, which means everything you see is crisp and clear.

DUEX Plus and DUEX Lite are lighter, come at a lower price point, and have a range of new features to level up a work from home setup than previous iterations.

DUEX Plus and Lite make multitasking easier for professionals while being lightweight and portable. Among other applications, it’s ideal for teachers, office workers, developers and IT professionals, and warehouse workers (ndr. Amazon recently purchased DUO/DUEX monitors for their warehouse workers).

While working at Amazon, Mobile Pixels, Inc.’s co-founder, Jack, was constantly frustrated by the lack of a secondary monitor that could help him work more efficiently. Feeling strangely nostalgic about the work monitor he used at his previous job, he decided to build a laptop monitor from a broken laptop. Soon, everyone in the office wanted one, and their product, DUEX, was born!

DUEX launched on Kickstarter in June 2018 and almost immediately went viral, raising over $1 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo combined. TRIO launched on Kickstarter in June 2019 and raised over $1.6 million.

After listening to consumer feedback, the Mobile Pixels, Inc. team is excited to launch DUEX Plus and DUEX Lite, the most upgraded, portable dual-screen laptop accessories for professionals to boost their productivity and allow for efficient multitasking.

► DUEX - Portable Dual-Screen Laptop Monitors

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