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CLMBR - The Most Efficient Cardio And Strength Machine

CLMBR - The Most Efficient Cardio And Strength Machine

🏆 CLMBR - The Most Efficient Cardio And Strength Machine


🎯 Burn 60% more calories than running, rowing & bike workouts. Climb to get fit, strong, toned muscles.

CLMBR offers an efficient, full-body, low impact workout that burns up to 60% more calories than cycling, rowing, and running. Simply adjust the level of resistance on the dial in your desired balance of cardio and strength training.

Supports the natural athletic posture of the body, and all doing movements the human body has evolved to do.

High def sound keeps you in the zone. The unobstructed, HD touchscreen monitor is where you can watch the pounds melt off.

Face-to-face with top fitness instructors, leading you through every part of your climb, pushing you to reach higher.

Fits in any room with a ceiling 8 feet in height.

CLMBR’s sturdy, adjustable design and wide variety of classes deliver a great workout for anyone - no matter your age, size, or ability.

Use the large format touchscreen display to choose your class based on your desired workout style, music type, or instructor preference.

Join online courses with world-class instructors and track your workouts.

CLMBR was designed to deliver you peak efficiency and an unrivalled fitness experience in a form factor that just fits.

► CLMBR - The Most Efficient Cardio And Strength Machine

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