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CACHE - Hybrid Tech Sling And Duffle (Reinvented!)

CACHE - Hybrid Tech Sling And Duffle (Reinvented!)

🏆 CACHE - Hybrid Tech Sling And Duffle (Reinvented!)


🎯 Spacious, Quick Access, Versatile & Convertible Sling Pack

The CACHE Tech Sling is designed to carry your everyday essentials. It features a quick-access laptop compartment, a quick-access cellphone pouch, separate compartments for your tech accessories & gear, and a versatile sling strap for multiple carry positions.

Consumer research is the foundation of NIID’s product engineering. They try to make the collected data digitalized and visualized to help to determine the most effective design. They take care of your every need.

The NIID team have an aptitude for drawing inspirations from different fields, like fine arts, crafts, architecture etc., which makes their designs such distinguished from like products.

Through more interactive consumer insight, they make precise analysis on people’s demands and habits, upon which a more user-friendly functional design comes up.

The Magnetic Buckle is ingeniously used in the backpack design to build up the high efficient on-the-go carrying solution for urban life.

The CACHE is perfect for light-duty commute which capable to carry a 15-inch laptop, a wallet, an umbrella, a notebook, a pencil and other daily essentials.

Easily switch to active mode for running or cycling with only two steps, release the sternum strap from the bag, and click to the buckle on the belt. The sternum strap will provide stronger support for better security.

At NIID, they love to challenge all kinds of cool backpack concepts with customers in mind. They see it as not just a commonly known carrying tool but a fashion statement, just like clothing and footwear.

The inception of NIID came in 2014. While in New York City, Jason Li and Harris Haynie noticed that most of the business professionals were using backpacks that had very little style and even less functionality. After months and months of back and forth, they (along with Vinson Sieh) created the first prototypes of a pack that was designed to be both stylish and have the functions that would suit a variety of consumers.

The first release of backpacks in 2015 was called Decode, an innovative pack designed specifically for business professionals. The program, enlisted through Amazon Exclusives, sold out quickly and received many positive reviews, comments and suggestions for the next lines of backpacks.

They owe a great deal of their success to their sourcing and product development team, who have taken difficult concepts and helped make them into reality.

In 2016, NIID launched UNO in China, their first crowd-funded project. The project was supported by over 20,000 backers. This was their first interchangeable, everyday backpack for a wider range of consumers.

► CACHE - Hybrid Tech Sling And Duffle (Reinvented!)

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