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BLURAMS - Always Ready AI-Fueled Smart Doorbell

BLURAMS - Always Ready AI-Fueled Smart Doorbell

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πŸ† BLURAMS - Always Ready AI-Fueled Smart Doorbell


🎯 Always Ready AI-Fueled Smart Doorbell

The smartest personal doorman recognizes individual visitors, gives pre-set, customized responses

Blurams captures who’s at your doorstep in a smarter and self-moving way that other doorbell can’t catch up. The doorbell is activated instantly when pressed or a person detected by the PIR sensor.

It intelligently identifies the visitors, starts recording and sends real-time notifications. No matter sunny days or dark nights, Blurams always knows ahead and acts brilliantly.

Two-way audio, 32 ring tones chime & 1080P video communication and quiet time mode make everything hearable, visible and simple!

AI-smart, ever-ready and reliable. Blurams is more than a doorbell but an ultra-versatile best pal.

It recognizes, remembers and automatically replies to your visitors, friends and family members with the exclusive custom quick voice message response. Customized especially for you and your family & friends, life can’t be easier.

IFTTT makes your home connected and ensures everything in good order. Blurams is an irreplaceable part of the smart home ecosystem. Turn on lights, run the robot vacuum, make a cup of coffee, play your favorite songs… Anything you need at any time, at your service!

A smarter and much easier modern lifestyle, now it comes true.

β–Ί BLURAMS - Always Ready AI-Fueled Smart Doorbell

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