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BARI - One Touch Espresso Machine

BARI - One Touch Espresso Machine

🏆 BARI - One Touch Espresso Machine


🎯 Make the best coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, espresso, hot milk, hot water instantly

Top level fully automatic coffee machine with full stainless-steel housing, with separate cappuccino system. Designed with 3.5″ Colorful Touch Screen operating interface One Touch Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, Coffee, Hot Milk, and Hot Water Functions.

Double Tankless Boiler System, Coffee and Steam function separately. Removable brewer, milk foam system, drip tray, waste container and water container, easy for clean and maintenance.

Top performance ULKA pump from Italy, with 19bar pressure for perfect crema and stable espresso flow. Crema is a flavorful, aromatic, reddish-brown froth that rests on top of a shot of espresso. It's formed when air bubbles combine with fine-ground coffee's soluble oils. The strong presence of crema in an espresso shot indicates a quality, well-ground coffee.

Low noise technology on bean grinding and coffee brewing process. Removable water tank. They designed this coffee machine with the goal of giving you the best coffee machine you've ever tried.

They are raising the standards for coffee lovers with Bari.

The feature list keeps on going:
● Compact size with 9.65 in width only, saves room on countertop.
● Ground coffee brewing function.
● Warning functions with picture and multiple languages, notifying users regarding incorrect operations or necessary maintenance.
● Stainless steel cup warmer.
● Stainless steel cup base plate.
● Stainless steel conical bean grinder.
● Cup counter for each type coffee drinks.
● Coffee spout height is adjustable from 2.95~5.7 in, with wide range fit for small espresso cups and large cappuccino or coffee cups.
● Adjustable coffee temperature, 3 levels - high, medium, low.
● Coffee grinder volume can be separately adjusted on touchscreen for each type of coffee drink; allowing users to adjust favor to taste.
● Adjustable cup volume.
● Adjustable coffee grind (coarseness).
● Adjustable milk foam ratio.
● Multiple language settings.
● Adjustable Auto Off settings.
● LED Brewing Light.
● All materials meet food contact standards, with CE / GS / CB / KC / SAA / UL / RoHS / ERP Certifications.

But Wait There's More!
They are going to add a special blender to the rewards of $1,300. Their blender is the most powerful in the market, the most silent and it makes some amazing smoothies.

5 speeds, ultra silent and great for frappes, smoothies, shakes, sauces, chopping, and more.

They set out with only one standard. It must be heathy, of highest quality and affordable. They have been programmed to think in the Good, Better and Best philosophy.

They do not want to be that company that comes back when you are not satisfied to say, well you should have bought the higher model. By only focusing on the Best, they have found they can deliver it at the Better price category.

Does that mean they only make 1 machine? Yes….and no.
All Bari machines use the same internal parts. The differences are color and style. Yes, the Bari Home and Small office machine is built to the same standards as the larger Bari Commercial machines. The only differences is in outside styling and larger capacities.

► BARI - One Touch Espresso Machine

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