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4 Person Inflatable Floating Platform Boat

4 Person Inflatable Floating Platform Boat

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Introducing the Fishing Inflatable Floating Platform Boat – the ideal boat for any fishing enthusiast! This boat has a length of 260 cm, a width of 260 cm, and a height of 32 cm, providing ample space for comfortable fishing alone or with friends.

Made of high-quality 0.9 PVC, this inflatable boat is robust and built to withstand tough weather conditions, making it perfect for fishing in all seasons. Weighing only 30.6 kg, it is lightweight and easy to carry to your preferred fishing spot.

The Fishing Inflatable Floating Platform Boat is straightforward to assemble and can be inflated in no time with an air pump. The boat comes with all the essential accessories, such as a pump, paddles, and a repair kit, making it easy and hassle-free to use.

With its stable floating platform, this boat ensures a smooth and comfortable fishing experience. The 32 cm height provides an ideal vantage point to observe fish activity and make the catch of the day.

Overall, the Fishing Inflatable Floating Platform Boat is an excellent investment for any fishing enthusiast. It is spacious, durable, and easy to assemble, and it includes all the necessary accessories for an enjoyable fishing experience. So, why wait? Purchase this boat today and make unforgettable memories on the water!

Product Name: Fishing Inflatable Floating Platform Boat.
Type: Float Rest.
Material: PVC.
Colour: Red.
Length: 260 cm.
Wide: 260 cm.
Height: 32 cm.
Material: 0.9 PVC.
Accessories: 1 Bump and 2 Paddle.
Weight: 30.6 kg.

▶ Boat Body:
N.W.: 21 kg.
Size: 260×260×32 cm.
Recommended Air Pressure: 3.5 PSI.

▶ Brushed Bottom:
N.W.: 9.6 kg.
Size: 200×200×10 cm.
Recommended Air Pressure: 8 PSI.
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