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4 Person 2.7 M PVC Inflatable Boat Air Mat Floor

4 Person 2.7 M PVC Inflatable Boat Air Mat Floor

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Introducing the Solar Marine 2.7 M 4 Person PVC Inflatable Boat – the perfect watercraft for all your boating and fishing needs!

This inflatable boat is designed to accommodate up to 4 people and is made with thick, wear-resistant PVC materials that are built to withstand harsh marine environments. Its air mat floor provides added stability and control on the water, making it perfect for fishing and other water activities.

The Solar Marine 2.7 M 4 Person PVC Inflatable Boat comes with all the accessories you need to get started, including inflatable seats, oars, a foot pump, and a carry bag. Its lightweight and portable design make it easy to transport and store, and it's quick and easy to inflate and deflate, so you can spend more time enjoying the water.

Whether you're a seasoned angler or just starting out, this inflatable boat is the perfect choice for all your fishing needs. Its versatile design allows you to fish in a variety of water conditions, from calm lakes to rough seas. Its spacious design provides plenty of room for you and your friends or family to fish comfortably and securely.

With its high-quality construction and all-inclusive accessory package, the Solar Marine 2.7 M 4 Person PVC Inflatable Boat is a great investment for any boater or angler. Don't settle for a subpar watercraft – upgrade to this inflatable boat today and experience the ultimate in boating and fishing enjoyment!

Brand Name: Solar Marine.

Length: 270 cm / 8.8ft (2.68 m).
Model Number: MD270-3.
Outdoor Activity: Fishing, Recreation, Leisure, Work & Utility, Tanning and Relaxing ON the Water.
Capacity (Person): 3+1.
Certification: CE.
Item Name: Inflatable Boat.
External Specifications: 270×136 cm.
Internal Specifications: 194×60 cm.
Material Thickness: 0.70 mm PVC.
Maximum Payload: 441 kg.
Gross Weight: 25.8 kg.
Packing Dimensions: 95 cm × 26 cm × 54 cm.
Feature: Resistant, Durable, Anti collision, Anti-scratch.
Suitable: River, Lake, Seaside, Sea.
Accessories: Air pump, Oars, Carry Bag, Repair Kit etc.
Colour Option: Red Black, Blue Gray, Army Green.
Inflation Pressure: 3 PSI (side tubes) & 8 PSI (floor).
Process: Full heat welded seaming.
NO. of Air Chamber: 3.

This package contains:
  • *2 Paddles.
  • *2 Wooden Seat.
  • *1 Large Foot Pump.
  • *1 Carrying Bag.
  • *1 Special Repair Kit.
  • *2 Fishing Rod Holder.
  • *1 Leash.
  • *1 Safety Rope.


There is very little that you have to do to keep your boat in good condition for many years.

▶ Do not store your boat inflated.

▶ If you store it in a closet, basement or garage, we suggest you pick a cool, dry place, making sure the boat is clean and dry before you store it – or mould can accumulate.

▶ Use as few cleaning agents as possible, do not discharge waste agents into water, and clean your boat preferably on land.

▶ Clean your boat after a trip to prevent damage from sand, salt water or sun exposure.

▶ Most dirt can be removed with a garden hose, a sponge and mild soap.

▶ Make sure the boat is completely dry before storing.

▶ Store the product and accessories in a dry, temperature controlled, between 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) and 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) storage location.


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