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YC ONION CHIPS 3.0 - Transformable Motorized Slider

YC ONION CHIPS 3.0 - Transformable Motorized Slider

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πŸ† YC ONION CHIPS 3.0 - Transformable Motorized Slider


🎯 Create 5 Axis Motion by Interlinking with DJI & ZHIYUN & Feiyu Gimbals

CHIPS 3.0 Motorized Slider Dolly is 5-axis interlink motion control system, enabling you to create silky smooth 5 axis movement by interlinking with DJI & ZHIYUN & Feiyu gimbals. Interlinking with DJI & ZHIYUN & Feiyu gimbal is a YC Onion only feature that no other system in the market lets you do. No doubt that CHIPS 3.0 will take your filming experience to the next level!

Setting key frames has never been such simple thanks to CHIPS 3.0 manual point setting feature! You can just move the sliding block or the dolly to the starting point and then confirm it on the APP! Gimbal key frames also can be set manually, gives you the ability of full control over the movement of DJI & ZHIYUN & Feiyu gimbal!

Add a joint, attach together, mount a tripod, then CHIPS sliders can transform into a motorized dolly. CHIPS 3.0 Motorized Slider Dolly allows you to capture incredible footage by creating linear and curved movements on the flat space. Perfect for interviews and motion time-lapses in urban settings. Their slider dolly is so portable that you can even put it in your to-go storage bag!

Compared to the traditional physical button, touch screen makes CHIPS 3.0 Motorized Slider more functional and attractive. You can easily set up a motion time-lapse on the module. Perfect for creators who want free control of the motion system.

CHIPS 3.0 uses "YC Onion" APP which features a simple interface that enables you to program gimbals, CHIPS 3.0 and all your YC Onion devices. APP Integration gives you full control remotely and the ability to create key frames easily. All devices perform precise movements as you programmed. No matter you are a professional team or one-man band, CHIPS 3.0 Motorized Slider Dolly allows you to create unique, imaginative contents impressing your audience as you wish, anytime, any place.

Getting started with CHIPS 3.0 is superfast and doesn’t require complicated setups. Designed to automate settings, CHIPS 3.0 allows you to focus more on creativity, quickly get into the zone, and capture smooth 5 axis shots at any time.

Versatile, compact and lightweight yet super strong. CHIPS 3.0 can support camera gears up to 20kg horizontally which is around 2 times more than typical sliders, giving you enough leeway to use all your gears, even for cinema cameras!

CHIPS 3.0 module can be powered by Sony NP-F battery or power bank. With up to 10+ hours of run-time, you will never have to worry about battery runs out when shooting a time-lapse with CHIPS 3.0!

YC Onion is a high-tech enterprise develops, manufactures innovative camera gears including motorized camera slider, LED video lights, camera cages, teleprompter, follow focus, etc. All of YC Onion products have been named after food in order to give users a sense of food-like intimacy.

CHIPS 3.0 Motorized Slider Dolly is a creative 5 axis motion control system-slide, pan, tilt, roll and focus while pairing with DJI & ZHIYUN & Feiyu gimbals.

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