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XION CYBERX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

XION CYBERX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

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🏆 XION CYBERX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike


🎯 The most fun you’ve ever had on a bike. Fat tires, full suspension, mid-drive, 2-person seat

CyberX is the most badass looking eBike with tricked-out LED lighting & customizable, laser-printed side panels.

Its extreme durability for on and off-road capabilities, 50MPH max speed, a 100-mile range, and 2-person seat give it everything you could ever want in an eBike and more!

You can’t help but turn heads as you fly by at 50MPH on the eBike that stands out from all the rest. No other eBike on the market lets you customize frame color, seat color and a laser-printed panel design for a look totally unique to you.

They chose top-of-line materials (like a steel frame, fat tires, full suspension and mid-drive motor) so this bike gives you comfortable everyday commutes and does serious damage on a sandpit or trail. Plus, the insane 100-mile range and zippy acceleration of 0-30 in 4 seconds put a smile on your face every ride.

There are hundreds of eBikes on the market and choosing the right one for you is more challenging than ever. They designed CyberX with 3 things in mind: quality, performance, and style.

It’s made from the most durable materials for maximum use and zero maintenance. It has the most efficient brakes and motor, plus high-visibility lighting. And it was born to stand out with next-gen-inspired aesthetics, plus personal touches from you.

CyberX’s incredible range is due to the powerful 72V battery and highly-efficient 750-watt Mid-Drive Motor.

When riding solo, go up to 75 miles at 20mph with no pedaling, or cover 100 miles with pedal assist. If you’re maxing out the throttle, expect up to 50 miles.

Accelerate from 0-30mph in 4 seconds and be on your way! Instead of using the standard chain drive that clunks, needs grease or snaps altogether, they upgraded the motor to belt-drive for reliability, the smoothest rides and zero maintenance.

No clutch, no gear box = no maintenance. Just wipe’r down after a dusty ride.

Cyber X uses an extreme, 750W mid-drive motor for its enhanced performance, low-maintenance and better handling due to the low, central position on the bike. You’ll enjoy heart-accelerating power on a dirt track, reliable speed & traction going uphill, and maintenance-free riding.

Most eBikes don’t have the seat room or the power for 2 people to ride comfortably, but CyberX has both. The extra long, vinyl seat ensures your friend or partner can enjoy the ride as well!

The removable battery is located under the seat of the bike with a side port for charging. Plug the charger into a 110-120v wall outlet (regular AC outlet) and it’ll power your bike for 50-100 miles depending on which mode you use!

You’ll enjoy maximum visibility with front and rear LED lights and a futuristic look like no other bike with color-changing LED lights on the custom side panels.

CyberX makes your joyride complete with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for easy listening and maximum awareness of your surroundings. Also, you can snap your phone in and charge it on the go. It's extraordinary!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been riding dirt bikes, eBikes and motorcycles all your life, or if this is your first time on an electric bike, Cyber X will blow your hair back and give you the ride of a lifetime!

► XION CYBERX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

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