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XCLEA - Hands-Free Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum

XCLEA - Hands-Free Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum

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πŸ† XCLEA - Hands-Free Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum


🎯 Mop & Vacuum 2-in-1, Self-Emptying Base, 2700 Pa Suction Power, Smart Mapping & Navigation, Smart App. This is XCLEA H30 Plus.

The attached mop pad on XCLEA closely hugs the ground and cleans the most stubborn dirt and stains from the floor. The unique mopping path imitating human action of mopping, makes cleaning more systematic and efficient.

With a large 250ml smart controlled water tank and 3 levels of water flow control, enough to clean a house of 300mΒ² easily. The precision electronic-controlled water tank creates an even mopping, without leaving any watermarks on the floor after air dry.

Ultra-strong suction power up to 2700Pa for deep cleaning, can easily pick up dust, dirt, peel, crumbs, cat litter, hair and so much more. Make floor and carpet cleaning more efficient.

The 2 dynamic variable-speed sides brush adjusts their speed automatically according to different cleaning situation along the edge and corner.

The big suspension suction inlet is close to the ground for deep cleaning, which greatly enhance the cleaning efficiency. Easily get all the embedded dust out of floor's grooves.

Utilize a various of detection sensor, infrared cliff, wall, collision sensors plus electronic compass, accelerometer, speedometer etc. XCLEA can 360Β° scan around to memorize its position and planned route, that can prevent it from falling down the stairs, get rid of common pitfalls, find its way out of trouble spots and keep all your valuables safe.

The AI algorithm allows XCLEA to partition your home map into individual rooms and identify different area to make it easier for spot cleaning. Achieve preset cleaning route or schedule the time to clean designated rooms. Cleaning has never been so easy!

β–Ί XCLEA - Hands-Free Dust Collecting Robotic Vacuum

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