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WOWSTICK - The Metal One-Piece Mini Electric Hand Drill

WOWSTICK - The Metal One-Piece Mini Electric Hand Drill

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πŸ† WOWSTICK - The Metal One-Piece Mini Electric Hand Drill


🎯 Miniature & Lightweight | 8 Drill Bits | All Metal One-Piece Construction | Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery | One Button Operation

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and WOWSTICK miniature pen-shaped hand drill is probably a designer’s great friend, helping them to drill and put their imagination into shining works. It is the world's first one-piece miniature electric hand drill for creative DIY, and it features super lightweight, ultra-quietness and great portability.

Finish your DIY projects with the right tool kit is important. WOWSTICK hand drill helps drill small holes of various things: resin, plastic, wood cardboard, paper cardboard, crafts, model making, aluminum / copper sheet and foil, etc. Aiming at its practicality and simplicity, WOWSTICK is the cordless lithium-ion battery powered drill which is crated just like a pen, an ideal tool for DIY-ers as well as general people.

WOWSTICK one-piece miniature hand drill with its dispatchable head lets you accomplish your creation by gripping up, aiming at the point, and pressing one single button.

The WOWSTICK drill is small and light, just 1.6oz (46g) which fits right in your hand and literally easy to carry anywhere, so you can take it to distant workplaces. Sized at 6.8”*0.6” (172*13.8mm), you can grip it like a pen for ultimate control and precision as well as for comfort.

Every bit of WOWSTICK from outside to inside (Except the button and the charging port) is all metal CNC machined to ensure the seamless curves and consistent product quality. Greatly standing out from the conventional drills in the market, this manner is more precisely made to achieve more stable product performance. Their drilling spindle run-out is far exceeding the industry standard to be less than 0.1mm, resulting in high-precision drilling at the right position every time.

The handheld device is practically designed to cater for different needs, letting you plug in and off bits based on your projects, and the fact that the bits are fully compatible with 2.35 mm diameter bits accessible in the market, you may drill, decorate and attach your crafts freely.

The bits can be used on a variety of materials: resin, plastic, wood, clay, bead, crafts, model making, aluminum / copper sheet and foil and more, very practical items in daily life.

After finishing the works, you may put on the drill cap to avoid accidents caused by unintentional pressing of the button. So it is a hassle-free device.

WOWSTICK mini drill is rechargeable via USB type C charging cable. Full charging time is about 40 minutes and can be used about 2 hours.

WOWSTICK designers have been digging out the maximum abilities of the pen shape. From installations to actual working, creators always like to use the device instantly from idea to prototype and thus may get inspirations at the fingertips.

It comes with an improved ergonomic design to ensure comfortable grip in any situation. Using the aluminum alloy shell, it is ultra-compact and light, slim and very easy to handle for detailed projects. Holding it like a pen, its slim grip makes great sense in detailed works. As a result, no matter walnut or resin, you may just focus on the fun of making things.

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