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WOOASK S01 - World's Most Powerful AI Voice Recorder

WOOASK S01 - World's Most Powerful AI Voice Recorder

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🏆 WOOASK S01 - World's Most Powerful AI Voice Recorder


ğŸŽ¯ A Technology That Fits In Your Pocket.

134 languages voice to text transcribe and translation, 32G built-in storage, 500 hours cloud storage, saveas WORD, PDF. A ideal intelligent device designed to make our work life easier.

Need to record, transcribe and translate an interview, lecture, or discussion? Journalist record interviews for maximumaccuracy and efficiency, making note-taking nearly impossible during a vibrant conversation or long meeting.

The problem comes when take that recording and translate it into text. In the past, they have to spent lots of timetosit andtranscribe every interview. S01, created by Wooask, is designed to address this issue.

An average page of text takes approximately 2 minutes to speak but 14 minutes to type, whichmeansspeaking presents an 86% time saving.

AI translation is the most widely-discussed advances of AI technology, it can help us instantly understand any form of language. S01 is at the convergence of speech recognition technology + machine translation, developing the World's Finest AI Voice Recorder.

Record 1 Hour, Transcribe 5 Minutes.
After recording hours of audio, a trusted transcription service can be utilized to convert it into an editable, shareable text file in a matter of minutes.

Extraordinary Battery Life 0.5h Charge = 10h Recording.
Although S01 is small, it has a super battery life that can standby more than 30 days, continuous recording more than 10 hours.

No worry about lack of battery in long journey!
32G Built-in storage, 500 hours cloud storage. Recordings will be automatically saved in your Cloud Library, you can browse, download and manage them on PC and other device.

Edit the transcribed content on your phone, share on various social medias like Facebook, Twitter in MP3 / Word / TXT formats.

Beautiful in design. It can clip to your lapel or notebook, easy to take with. Record the interview or inspiration at anytime and anywhere.

Plug & Play with earphones without connected to the APP, it can used as an normal recorder. You can listen to the music with earphones. Plug earphones to playback, plug data cable to copy to PC.

► WOOASK S01 - World's Most Powerful AI Voice Recorder

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