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WASHUP - The Next-Generation Wireless Cleaning Tool

WASHUP - The Next-Generation Wireless Cleaning Tool

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πŸ† WASHUP - The Next-Generation Wireless Cleaning Tool


🎯 Clean anything wirelessly at microscopic level with Double Transducer while saving water and energy!

WashUp is the very first household ultrasonic cleaning tool equipped with double-transducer. It offers more powerful deep cleaning in microscopic level compared to traditional ultrasonic cleaners.

With 45,000 sound waves impacting per second, it can eliminate 99.9% of dirt, particles, and bacteria on the items.

WashUP is one of the first ultrasonic washing tools that can be used wirelessly. You can wash anything without the risk of putting the power cable into water, which can be really dangerous. Feel safe to wash with WashUP every time.

WashUP is extremely portable, you can bring it along easily when you are travelling or camping as it will barely occupy the precious space of your bag or suitcase.

WashUP is so quiet that you won’t even notice when it is washing your stuff, so feel free to wash anything anytime and anywhere. You can even use it to clean late at night - it won't wake up a baby.

You can easily recharge WashUP by placing it back on the compact charging pad, no need to plug in any charging cable at all. It will fully recharge under two hours.

Choosing WashUP doesn’t only save you time and money, but it also saves our precious natural environment. WashUP uses 40 times less water and 15 times less energy per wash compared to a traditional washing machine. You can save the environment and reduce water and electricity usage at the same time when you wash your stuff.

Washing machine is a great invention. It takes care of your laundry chore and gives you more free time. But on the other hand, it is only efficient when you have a full load to wash. If you do not fill it up every time, you will be wasting water and electricity unnecessarily. The washer is also a large appliance made of metal and plastic, both contribute significant amount of carbon footprint at production and disposal.

Replacing your washing machine with WashUP will save ~70kg of plastic and metal from being manufactured and eventual disposal. To truly eliminate waste for the planet, they have made WashUP more powerful and long-lasting than the alternatives. Their goal is to replace the washing machine for smaller households, so that clothing can be cleaned with less harm to our environment.

Start using WashUP to clean your items more thoroughly and easily while saving a lot of water and energy! It's everyone's responsibility to save our natural environment!

A basic WashUP set includes a WashUP device, a charging pad, a charging cable and a user manual.

They are also presenting the best detergent for your washing experience. Introducing Laundry Paper, the ultraportable and environmental-friendly paper detergent. It dissolves in water instantly and provides a strong cleaning power to your dirty items.

WashUP is committed to develop products that can reduce water and energy consumption. By using WashUP to clean items, it saves way more water and energy when compared to other alternatives such as traditional washing machine. With the all new "Double-Transducer", it will wash items much cleaner than handwashing, as the cleaning takes place at a microscopic level.

Ultrasonic wave has been used to clean stuff for years. The ultrasonic wave generates countless micro bubble that is suitable for cleaning. Having no moving parts inside, WashUP can be made smaller and more reliable than conventional washers. It takes just a tiny fraction of the electricity required to power a machine washer and just a single load of water enough to soak the items. With it, scarce energy and water resources are saved.

β–Ί WASHUP - The Next-Generation Wireless Cleaning Tool

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