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WAKE UP - Smart Home Coffee Roaster

WAKE UP - Smart Home Coffee Roaster

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πŸ† WAKE UP - Smart Home Coffee Roaster


🎯 Roast fresh coffee at home in just 10 minutes with 3 easy steps!

A great cup of coffee depends 60% on the origin of the beans, 30% on the roast, and only 10% on the brew. When it comes to the heart and soul of a cup of coffee, roasting is key.

Careful adjustment of temperature and time are essential to extract the delicate aromas, acidity, and body from the coffee beans.

Wake Up Smart Home Coffee Roaster empowers the artist inside you to unlock the ultimate coffee bean flavors - just like a master roaster. Just monitor the time and temperature with the smart App and get ready to start your day with the finest Wake Up call, right at your fingertips...

Wake Up features a roasting chamber of the perfect size at 250g - the average monthly consumption of coffee per person. Just turn on the power, select the roast level, and start your master roasting journey with these three simple steps.

Wake Up has been engineered to be as user friendly as possible. You’re able to choose from 5 unique presets at the touch of a button. Hassle-free, ready to go, and simple - roasting great coffee shouldn’t be difficult. They’ve also developed an app that enables control of the process from your phone.

Wake Up achieves the same temperature-control accuracy of commercial-grade coffee roasters, with a probe that detects every 0.2 seconds to ensure heat and airflow values are optimal. This automation avoids manual operation errors and ensures a perfect roast every time.

Temperature and time while roasting has a big impact on the flavors and aromas of your cup of coffee. Lighter roasts give a more acidic profile, whereas a dark roast suit those looking for a more full-bodied or bitter flavour. With Wake Up, the choice is yours.

Whether you’ve chosen a light or dark roast, Wake Up gets to work in just 10 minutes. All the beans in the roasting chamber will have undergone the five crucial phases: pre-heating, drying, Maillard reaction, first crack, and the full development of desired flavors before cooling.

You can easily save your bespoke roasting recipes, and even share them with family and friends who have the app too!

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