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WAATR - World's First 4D Purification System

WAATR - World's First 4D Purification System

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🏆 WAATR - World's First 4D Purification System


🎯 High-dose UVC for sterilization + State of the art filter cartridge system

Powered by cutting-edge 4D Purification™ technology that treats your water by first using dual UVC LEDs to destroy viruses, bacteria, and pathogens. Second, it filters your water by using a proprietary blend filter cartridge system to remove metals, chemicals, organic and particulate matter. Lastly, it uses a natural blend of minerals to add a crisp taste-just like artesian water.

4D Purification™ combines the traditional filtration system with a time-dependent variable. In conventional filtration systems, water is treated in 3-Dimensions as it travels through the filter's XYZ planes and has no significant time-dependent variable. With their 4D Purification™ system, the UVC treatment adds a significant time-dependent purification BEFORE the water passes through the filter cartridge system, creating a revolutionary 4th Dimension in water purification with a germicidal efficacy of up to 99.999999%.

3D water purification occurs as water travels through the coconut charcoal + ion-exchange filter. 4D Purification™ elevates this process by treating the water using UVC LED light for a specific time period.

Over the years, scientific studies have shown the effectiveness of UV light in disinfecting surfaces. Most recently, scientists discovered that a particular portion of this UV spectrum, UVC, has maximum germicidal efficacy. With the very modest power of UVC, you can disinfect a surface more effectively than traditional high-powered UV systems. Their products use this particular UVC region of the spectrum to achieve a maximum neutralizing effect up to 99.999999% against a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, and pathogens.

The filters are not "one size fits all". So, they designed the cartridge to be easily interchangeable to accommodate a variety of cartridges.

The foundation/bed of all filter cartridges consists of a proprietary blend of coconut charcoal and ion-exchange resin. Coconut charcoal is designed to capture organic molecules and chlorine effectively. Ion-exchange resin is designed to capture ions in water (non-organic). This process is very effective in reducing the hardness of the water.

At WAATR, their mission is to go beyond purification by providing knowledge and information about the contaminants lurking in your drinking water. They do this by studying your used WAATR filter cartridges. Simply ship your used filters to their facility. Their scientists will analyse them carefully and provide you with a detailed lab report so that you can take preventative measures to limit exposure to harmful contaminants if they are present in your source water.

No more funky-smelling bottle. WAATR bottle cleans itself by blasting UVC light every hour for 20 seconds each to keep your bottle free of mould, bacteria, viruses, etc.

Thanks to the wide-mouth of the WAATR bottle, you can insert objects as big as a cell phone and sterilize them with UVC LEDs in a matter of minutes. Toss in your dirty cell phone, face masks, keys, utensils, etc., to quickly neutralize the germs lurking on their surface. Perfect for travel and quick on-the-go sanitizing applications.

WAATR bottles are TSA preapproved. This means optimal hydration without borders. Just empty the contents before the security check at the airport, and refill the bottle after the security check. That's all; you are set for your next adventure!

WAATR will help you to make informed decisions for healthier hydration, preventing long-term health effects caused by metals and chemicals in drinking water.

► WAATR - World's First 4D Purification System

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