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UPCORE - One Click For Perfect Posture

UPCORE - One Click For Perfect Posture

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πŸ† UPCORE - One Click For Perfect Posture


🎯 First EMS-powered posture corrector to tone your muscles & relieve back pain - only 23 minutes a day

UpCore smart posture corrector supports your perfect posture by pulling your shoulders back and activating your muscles. The muscle stimulation attachment tones and strengthens your core and back muscles, making good posture your natural posture.

UpCore 23 minutes postural and strengthening program was created by a team of physical therapists to effortlessly strengthen your body to stand up tall and straight. It will fix your posture from the foundation, keeping you upright all day, every day!

Who doesn’t want to get sculpted abs and back muscles without putting in all the effort? By using the Upcore muscle stimulation for 23 minutes a day, you will notice your muscles becoming visibly stronger, more toned, and get effortless perfect posture after only a few weeks.

10 pounds (4.54 kg) of pressure is applied to your shoulders for every inch your head passes in front of your body.

If you move your head 4 inches (10.16 cm) in front of your body while looking at your phone/screen/book, it’s like holding 40 pounds (18 kg) child on your shoulders the entire time!

Adopting good posture makes you healthier. It improves your balance, prevents back pains, injuries, headaches, fatigue, breathing, and your overall mood!

Good posture also makes you look better. It makes you look taller, more powerful, attractive, and confident.

Whether you are standing, sitting, laying down, or walking, your posture affects your overall health. Correct posture starts with a good spine alignment, reducing the pressure off of your muscles and joints.

Bad posture causes muscle tension, back pain, neck pain, joint pain, and reduces blood circulation. It can even lead to breathing issues, fatigue, bad mood, poor sleep, and so much more.

In only 23 minutes, UpCore stimulates the targeted muscles. It tones and strengthens your back and core. All you have to do is apply the device to the desired muscle, push the Start Button and let the workout out do its thing!

The program starts with a short warm-up, gradually increasing intensity. Then begins the workout program. You can see your muscles contract and release as they are getting stronger. The program ends on a cool-down session before turning off on its own. Once the program is completed, you can stop there or apply it to another muscle. You can work any muscle you want to reinforce your posture or simply to improve your looks!

You can use it whenever and wherever you want to tone your back, which will support you in maintaining good posture.

The PALM NRG mission is to transform your skin and body. At PALM NRG, they are committed to producing the most effective products and tools to help you look and feel your best. Backed by medical science and modified to allow non-invasive treatment, the sophisticated technology behind all of their products is supported by leading board-certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

You don’t have to worry about those long crowdfunding waits. Recently, they successfully produced a batch of devices for the clinical trial test. The production process was smooth, with no problems reported in the manufacture and performance of the devices themselves, which is great news. They have everything they need to start production!

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