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UNIT 1 FARO - A Sleek Visibility First Smart Helmet

UNIT 1 FARO - A Sleek Visibility First Smart Helmet

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πŸ† UNIT 1 FARO - A Sleek Visibility First Smart Helmet


🎯 A Commuter Smart Helmet That You’ll Actually Want To Wear.

UNIT 1 – an American Sports Tech Company has created FARO: a clean, stylish urban helmet with a techie & functional twist.

With traffic getting worse every year and environmental awareness going up, people everywhere are flocking away from cars & public transportation in search of fresh air, adopting bikes, e-bikes & scooters as they choice of transport.

Add bikes getting faster, traffic getting heavier and biking infrastructure falling behind – the result? The perfect storm.

FARO, a smart helmet designed for the rider of tomorrow today. It tackles two main issues: Style & Visibility.

Style: its was designed to be sleek & stylish, a helmet you’ll actually want to wear. Its clean lines and urban color ways make it part of your outfit. To keep the look clean, U1 developed a unique ventilation system that combines hidden intakes and extensive cooling without having to punch too many holes into their helmet.

Visibility: two integrated front & rear lights that make the rider visible from every angle and even during daytime. These discreet but powerful lights are beautifully integrated into the helmet. FARO has a fabric liner in the back that covers up an extra 46 LEDs. This provides a much larger light footprint in a variety of animated patterns & colors, all highly customizable through their Companion App. The fabric liner is a tear-proof, weather proof fabric that looks & feels refined.

FARO has an Navigation Remote. This little device is mounted on the handlebar and allows the rider to activate & display large turn signals to drivers and other riders. A myriad of sensors also activates an automatic brake light when the rider slows down or stops.

FARO can detect a strong impact and (if the rider is unresponsive) will send out an SOS message to a predetermined emergency contact with the rider’s location.

A 1850 mAh rechargeable battery allows FARO to run for up to 10 hours of continuous riding, depending on the rider’s settings.

The electronics in FARO are fully sealed and the helmet is completely waterproof, making it good for any weather.

β–Ί UNIT 1 FARO - A Sleek Visibility First Smart Helmet

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