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TOSY FLYING DUO - 360 LED Flying Disc And Patented Boomerang

TOSY FLYING DUO - 360 LED Flying Disc And Patented Boomerang

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πŸ† TOSY FLYING DUO - 360 LED Flying Disc And Patented Boomerang


🎯 360 LEDs | Adjustable Brightness | 6 Timer Modes | Exact Return | Rechargeable | Waterproof | Smart Packaging

With 360 super-bright LEDs embedded around their Disc, you'll be mesmerized by the incredible light effects it creates. Does it qualify for the world's Brightest Flying Disc? We certainly think so!

The TOSY Flying Disc is designed to suit your preference, with 6 different Timer modes:

● Two Professional Game Modes: Ultimate 10" and Ultimate 7".
● Modes 3, 4, & 5: these modes determine how long the light stays on after a throw (from 0 seconds to 10 minutes).

You can easily press the β€œTimer” button to change between modes.

You can also adjust the 6 Brightness levels to match whatever environment you are in! Just make sure you can handle the β€œExtreme” level.

For Professional Ultimate 10" or Ultimate 7" mode, once you pick up or catch the Disc, the light will blink 9 (or 6) times to let you know it is counting each second, and flash at the last second to turn off at the 10" (or 7") mark to signal a turnover if the disc has not left the player’s hand. If the Disc is on the ground and not in your hand, the IMU sensor in the Disc can tell and will not start the count.

With this game-changing feature, Ultimate players won't need to argue over contested stalls, but they can focus more on the game and gain more quality time.

The TOSY Flying Disc, at 175 grams, is weighted perfectly for Ultimate. It is well-balanced, and when thrown properly, will fly straight. It has enough weight to maintain momentum and achieve long-distance throws, without being so heavy that it dips and loses altitude.

Impress everyone around you as you throw these dazzling Discs to each other for fun, or you can get moving and organize a game of nighttime Ultimate.

Maybe their Flying Disc does resemble a UFO, like many of their fans have pointed out. Though we have never seen a UFO ourselves and are not quite sure if they exist, we're 100% certain that their Disc will bring you an out-of-this-world experience once you try it!

Launching a Boomerang and watching it return to you feels so satisfying, and that's exactly what the TOSY Boomerang delivers. With the included Launcher, you will be able to master the skills in no time!

Smart LEDs automatically light up when you launch the Boomerang, creating the most impressive show of lights.

A great benefit of their round-shaped Boomerang is that players can comfortably catch it with ease. Now the whole family can join in on the fun too!

Their Boomerang doesn't only return, but it can also be aimed or spun on any surface like a top. The fun is endless!

Both the TOSY Flying Disc and TOSY Boomerang are easily rechargeable with USB-Type C. This means you get fun experiences for longer, without the hassle of replacing batteries. Plus, you're doing your part in limiting the disposal of batteries to the environment.

The TOSY Flying Disc has will have a 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po rechargeable battery. A full charge takes about 30 minutes and can last for 45 minutes of non-stop play (about 270 consecutive launches). For Professional modes, it is programmed to last for a full match of 90 mins.

They use buoyant materials that float so that you can play with their Duo on the beach or in the pool too!

Durability is their top priority, so they have done tests over and over again to make sure their Disc can withstand strong impact and that the LEDs won't break during play.

Their Flying Duo is not just for sports and outdoor enthusiasts, but it also helps bring out your creativity! Using the LED effects of the product, you can create incredible long exposure photos.

β–Ί TOSY FLYING DUO - 360 LED Flying Disc And Patented Boomerang

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