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TICKRMETER - Physical Stock Tickers On Your Desk

TICKRMETER - Physical Stock Tickers On Your Desk

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🏆 TICKRMETER - Physical Stock Tickers On Your Desk


🎯 E-Paper based stock ticker for your home and office. Real-time stocks, cryptocurrencies & forex pairs

A stock ticker on your table!

They call it the second-best thing to a Bloomberg terminal.

Visualize your portfolio physically and monitor it without losing focus on what matters.

TickerMeter is a physical stock ticker that sits on your desk and displays the latest prices for your current stocks.

E-Paper is an ambient-light-reflecting display technology. It drives ink droplets by electricity to make natural, clear images on the screen, illuminated by lighting the environment rather than a backlight. This also means that it uses almost no power!

They went all in and got best in class financial data by partnering with TickrMeter shows the latest trades with a mean latency of only 20ms, orders of magnitude faster than most web tools.

Customizable to fit your strategy and needs:
They realize that investors and traders have different strategies, timeframes, and needs, TickrMeter is extremely customizable to cater to both long-term investors, day traders, and everything in between.

Set custom alerts. Have TickerMeter flash, change colour, or beep when triggering your set alarm.

Track your gains (or losses). Input your own cost average and have TickrMeter show your gains (or losses) on any chosen ticker.

Stack and daisy chain TickrMeter. Like another popular Danish invention called LEGO's, TickrMeter can be stacked and daisy-chained with the power of magnets.

What's in the box?
To get started, all you need to do is take TickrMeter out of the box, plug it in, connect to your Wi-Fi and watch your portfolio grow!

► TICKRMETER - Physical Stock Tickers On Your Desk

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