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THINKING EGG 2 - A Useful Tool To Help Remind Us To Slow Down

THINKING EGG 2 - A Useful Tool To Help Remind Us To Slow Down

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πŸ† THINKING EGG 2 - A Useful Tool To Help Remind Us To Slow Down


🎯 A useful tool to help remind us to slow down. Over 100,000 units sold to date - We're back where it all started with 4 new elements

It seems as though our day to day life has been progressively consumed with never-ending checklists, mundane tasks of our 9-5 jobs and the mind-numbing scroll of our social media feeds. Although some tasks have become much easier with the advancement of technology, it seems we've lost the ability to hone into our own thoughts, ideas, and reflections of what we really want, think and believe in.

For centuries and throughout different cultures around the globe, the egg has symbolized life, wealth, and promise. Their goal was to use natural materials that can work in harmony with the egg's simple yet captivating symbology and design.

Balancing at 17mm wide and 23.38mm tall, the Thinking Egg has been ergonomically designed to feel great in your hands while being extremely portable.

The Thinking Egg II is now available in five natural materials that hold specific properties. Choose the Thinking Egg/s you can relate to most based on their specific metaphysical qualities.

● Crystal Quartz: Energy
● Tiger's Eye: Courage
● Sandstone: Clarity
● Damascus Steel: Refinement
● Jade: Harmony

At Orijin Design Company, they strive to slow things down and intentionally think about designs and systems that can be made better. In a world inundated with information and stimuli, they aim to harmoniously intertwine form and function, making designs and systems that provide for the space to be present and aware in our daily lives.

Designed to be by your side for as long as you're alive, each and every Thinking Egg has been carefully crafted to ensure quality and durability for daily wear and tear.

Not a single bit of plastic is used to produce the Thinking Eggs their packaging. They take pride in that and are happy to keep creating designs that are fully recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable, giving mama earth a little breather from the constant environmental damages caused by synthetic material, fabrication, and waste.

β–Ί THINKING EGG 2 - A Useful Tool To Help Remind Us To Slow Down

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