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THERMGO - The Most Portable Thermometer For Mobile Devices

THERMGO - The Most Portable Thermometer For Mobile Devices

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πŸ† THERMGO - The Most Portable Thermometer For Mobile Devices


🎯 Non-Contact Measurement | Instant Temperature Reading | Multi-User Friendly | Childcare Support | In-app Tracking

ThermGo is a portable thermometer phone accessory that works with all mobile devices. No battery is needed, simply plug it into your phone or tablet to instantly measure temperature on persons, objects, or surfaces. It provides accurate temperature reading instantly and can log and track data in-app to monitor changes.

Do away with the uncomfortable temperature reading methods of the past that kids won’t sit still for. A quick second is all it takes for ThermGo to get an accurate non-contact measurement on kids and it won’t bother babies. And because it measures temp on any object, It’s also useful for other baby care needs such as checking the temperature of food, milk, or bath water.

ThermGo takes body temperature measurements in a safe, hygienic way without contacting the skin. This method saves time and eliminates the need to sanitize between uses. Its highly accurate infrared sensors are certified with over 2000 tests to ensure reliable accuracy of Β±0.1Β°C.

ThermGo is fast and user-friendly. It easily switches between Fahrenheit & Celsius and is designed to work with multiple users so that you can perform temp checks on the whole family, friends, or colleagues. The temperatures can be tracked and monitored in-app with multi-user management. The app gives instant insight into temp data and lets you see temperature history and trends to easily monitor changes.

ThermGo has many other uses around the home or workshop. It’s a convenient way to measure the indoor temp (15-35℃) and temp of any surface (30-50℃), which makes it industrial and DIY applications as well.

ThermGo is compatible with all common mobile devices including iPhone and Android phones and tablets. It doesn’t require batteries and uses power directly from the device. It simply plugs into the HSB-C port (Lightning and Micro USB adapters are included for various devices) and the app is cross-compatible with both Apple and Android operating systems.

HiDi Biotech is an exciting new startup with the goal of bringing more convenience to daily lives with simple, yet useful gadgets.

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