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THE TOP SHELF - Super Fast All Access Camera Bag

THE TOP SHELF - Super Fast All Access Camera Bag

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🏆 THE TOP SHELF - Super Fast All Access Camera Bag


🎯 Now you can instantly access all your gear while keeping it organized and secure. Never miss the shot & bring your camera everywhere!

The Top Shelf Camera Bag is the first open-layout sling bag that lets you access all your gear in 1.1 seconds.

The patented sling design rests in a tabletop position on your hip so you can see all your gear and set up on a flat, clean surface. It’s like a table whenever and wherever you need it!

Securely carry your camera, lenses, laptop, keys, passport, tripod and more, all in one sleek bag!

This ultra-lightweight camera bag gives you immediate access to your gear so you never miss a shot no matter the situation. And the best part? You don’t even have to take the bag off!

Most camera bags require you to put down the bag (sometimes on the ground or dirty surfaces!) and unzip at least ¾ of the main compartment to access all your gear. With The Top Shelf, you get instant, full-view access to all your gear with zero digging for buried or hidden gear.

The Top Shelf Camera Bag turns into a work table and laptop station instantly. When you swing the sling around to your side, it lands in a flat, tabletop position, ready for anything.

The organized compartments separate your gear for easy access, and the tabletop design gives you a safe, flat surface to assemble or change lenses.

With the classic black color, water-resistant nylon, rain cover, YKK zippers, comfortable padded straps, and heavy-weight capability in a soft-shell, you can trust this bag to withstand every adventure.

Whether you’re a full-time pro or hobbyist photographer, you need to keep your gear safe and access it quickly. The Top Shelf Camera Bag is sturdy and convenient enough for professional use but stylish and versatile enough for everyday use.

Laptop bag, camera bag, backpack - there’s no need for so many bags. The Top Shelf camera bag holds everything you need in a carry-on size with compartments for your gear, laptop, keys, phone and passport. It’s compact enough that you can use it if you’re going out with just a small camera, yet it’s big enough to hold up to 8 lenses and a full size DSLR camera!

It’s the best camera storage solution available for photographers looking to maximize time, space, weight and comfort while having extreme usability in the field!

► THE TOP SHELF - Super Fast All Access Camera Bag

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