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TEVAPLANTER - An Inside-out Hydroponic Planter

TEVAPLANTER - An Inside-out Hydroponic Planter

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🏆 TEVAPLANTER - An Inside-out Hydroponic Planter


🎯 An inside-out hydroponic planter. Just add water inside & the plant grows on the outside

Time escapes us in the fast paced world of today. We often focus on the end result and not the process… eager to taste the fruits of life while missing out on the joy of the journey itself.

There is a sense of patience that develops when you enter the time-scale of plants. The tevaplanter has a very visible timeline as you can see the process of plant growth on the surface - from seeds sprouting to roots grasping and growing looking for water, leaves extending towards the light, and flowers blooming.

The process itself is the reward.

Their vision was to re-imagine the centuries old planter. They combined their knowledge and experience to create a user-friendly product and an optimal solution for plants to thrive indoors.

The tevaplanter is a vessel that acts as a water bank. The water is held in the vessel and is slowly diffused through the material to the cells on the surface for the plant to drink.

The structure of the material is solid, yet porous. Water is slowly diffused through it, and is held by the cells giving the plant time to drink and allowing you to water less often.

The naked tevaplanters’ aesthetic was designed to match any urban interior living space. Indoor plants have been scientifically proven to improve your home’s air quality.

Integrating some greenery into your home can bring you joy, routine, and purpose -- not to mention some yummy, organic homegrown additions to your dinner!

Adding some green to your windowsill or desk can provide a mood boost and kickstart your sense of purpose. You get to watch your plant grow -- in or outside of your planter -- and help it help you feel better.

Contrary to popular belief, starting an indoor garden doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, once you get it up and running, it will actually save you money.

You can build an in-home garden that will be a reliable source of ingredients that you regularly buy from the grocery store.

Before you know it, you’ll have your in-home garden infrastructure built, be scheming next steps, and be saving on grocery store bills.

When you join a yoga class for the first time, you’re stiff, uncoordinated and have no idea what you’re doing. As you practice and develop a routine, you start to get the hang of it.

You practice more often, integrate elements into other parts of life and maybe even start recruiting your friends. Heck, maybe you decide you want to get your yoga instructor certification.

The same goes for gardening. You start with a couple of pots on your windowsill. Then you test out a couple of larger floor plants. Those are successful so you try growing some tomatoes on the counter.

Perhaps then it’s time to find a plot of land outside to try your hand at outdoor gardening. You invite your friends over for dinner and serve a fresh salad of veggies and herbs all grown in your own garden. Your friends ask you for gardening tips. Your gardening journey grows and evolves.

You can continue expanding your gardening repertoire, but you also can downsize or take a break whenever you want. Maybe one plant on your windowsill is the perfect amount for you.

That’s the great thing about gardening -- there are no right or wrong answers. Grow plants that make you happy. Find a routine that works for you. Harness your inner creativity in a way that works for you. Do as much or as little as you like. Enjoy the benefits of gardening on your terms.

► TEVAPLANTER - An Inside-out Hydroponic Planter

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