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TEKE - Wireless DMX RGBW Lighting For Photo and Video

TEKE - Wireless DMX RGBW Lighting For Photo and Video

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πŸ† TEKE - Wireless DMX RGBW Lighting For Photo and Video


🎯 Instantly apply animated, sound-reactive effects and movie looks from your phone or dmx devices.

Get gorgeous digital multiplex (DMX) lighting technology used on Hollywood movies, commercials, stage events and music videosβ€”at a fraction of the price of the leading competitor DMX tube light (over $600 dollars off + no expensive transmitter needed).

Instantly apply beautiful industry-standard animated effects, dynamic moods and movie looks all from your phone or computer. Get big budget looks for less with TEKE.

Instantly change colourful palettes for versatile lighting that gives you creative control like never before. Unlock your creativity with easy-to-use dynamic, animated lighting that will impress clients, audiences and peers.

Animated colourful gradients are perfect for fashion and product shoots that demand bold and dynamic lighting. TEKE comes in two convenient sizes - 20 and 40 inches. Pack TEKE in your carry-on or light an entire stage.

Browse the TEKE Library to instantly apply dynamic lighting styles and animated effects: flickering hallway, fire, lightning, police, traffic, TV static and much more.

Create effects and colour palettes instantly by uploading a picture or video clip reference. Adjust your selections points and TEKE will copy shade, hue, temperature and brightness for selected pixels into a saved animation. No need for complicated software or coding.

TEKE gives you pro features only DMX offers such as pixel mapping, synchronized complex gradient animations, dmx software and stage compatibility. As well as offering increased distance and signal strength when compared to bluetooth. Like your own personal lighting assistant, TEKE lets you instantly create dynamic lighting environments - from the palm of your hand.

The TEKE app is also packed with a growing library of effects. With a single tap, you can activate professional pre-sets for dynamic lighting and animated effects. Get creative with lighting on your next production. The result? Amazing lighting environments every time.

TEKE was created by a team of passionate filmmakers, engineers, installation artists and friends who’ve worked on projects for the Ridley Scott Creative Group, VICE, Star Trek CBS, Samsung and Unity.

β–Ί TEKE - Wireless DMX RGBW Lighting For Photo and Video

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