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TACTIGON SKIN - Stylish Gesture And Voice Control 3d Wearable Mouse

TACTIGON SKIN - Stylish Gesture And Voice Control 3d Wearable Mouse

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🏆 TACTIGON SKIN - Stylish Gesture And Voice Control 3d Wearable Mouse


🎯 Programmable gesture and voice control for your PC, PowerPoint, 3D CAD, Gaming, Robotics and more

It is a programmable wearable mouse that recognises your voice and gestures, to make your work more productive and your fun more… fun! You can use T-SKIN Reload to control 3D modeling applications, PowerPoint presentations, VR and AR devices, robots, drones, and games joypads. Or, use it as a mouse for your PC.

Tactigon SKIN Reload reimagines the way you interact with your devices. With voice and gesture control, you’re free to move! Its intuitive control boosts your productivity and makes using your computer more enjoyable.

T-SKIN Reload now has voice control, adding an extra dimension to what is possible. Now you can open and close programs, zoom in and more - all through the power of your voice. For ultimate control, use voice commands and hand gestures together. For example, in CAD drawing, you can control details of height and length, color, rotation and more. Just imagine how that would speed up your workflow.

Tactigon Gear (or T-GR) is the simple-to-use software for managing your T-SKIN Reload controller. Use it to configure new gestures, add new applications and upgrade your system.

T-SKIN Reload takes your presentations to the next level. Instead of being tied to one spot, you’re free to move around. You can navigate the slides, open and close new apps, and make highlights, with simple hand gestures. Presenters love the laser pointer feature, which is great for pointing out essential facts. You’ve also got must-use controls such as zoom, page forward and scrolling.

Tactigon SKIN Reload detects your hand’s movements, while the touch keyboard tracks pressure from your four fingers. Combine these two factors to create complex gestures that give you ultimate control. For example, if you swipe your hand diagonally, it will perform different functions depending on which fingers you use to touch the keyboard.

T-SKIN Reload is easy and effortless. Simply connect it just like you do with your wireless earbuds! Using Bluetooth Low-Energy Interface, you can connect T-Skin Reload to a variety of devices including smartphones, laptops, and drones. Its universal compatibility makes it the perfect control solution for all your devices. Plus, hidden in the ergonomic design is a 155 mA rechargeable battery that can run your T-Skin continuously, for up to 40 hours.

Losing connectivity in the middle of an important presentation would be a nightmare - but with T-SKIN Reload, you’re covered. With only 7ms of latency, there’s no noticeable time lag between your gesture and the action taking place. You get perfect control with no disconnections anywhere within a 10m radius of your device.

T-SKIN was designed like a glove, but easier to wear - elegant and light like a bracelet but technological like a smartwatch. It’s the new work tool that you cannot do without. With support for the most frequently used hand gestures, it’s comfortable to use and easy to control. Whether you are working in the office, giving a presentation, or gaming on your sofa, T-SKIN Reload is the perfect productivity tool and controller for all your devices!

► TACTIGON SKIN - Stylish Gesture And Voice Control 3d Wearable Mouse

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