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SPEED COCKPIT - All In One Chair

SPEED COCKPIT - All In One Chair

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πŸ† SPEED COCKPIT - All In One Chair


🎯 All In One Chair

It all started when the CEO, a racecar driver, had to start racing online due to COVID-19 restrictions. When trying to find a slim and comfortable sim cockpit, all he could find were ugly and bulky chairs hat didn’t fit anywhere, so he decided to create his own. The simple yet stylish design of the cockpit allowed us to adapt it to make it a desk and chair.

20+ driving positions, go from Formula to GT.

Easy to store and carry in any of its versions. Undo some bolts and remove the floor cushion to fold it properly as a cockpit.

Double density foam that adjusts to your body for maximum comfort.

The design allows for a proper posture with an even weight distribution, keeping you comfortable in long racing/working hours.

Use your preferred sim racing gear, only adapt your wheel and pedals on our universal supports, and adjust the angle.

Enjoy numerous features in a compact design.

Dimensions when folded: 40 x 120 x 25 cm - 15.7 x 47.2 x 9.8 in

It use premium materials that give the Speed Cockpit/Desk/Chair a unique look and make it durable. You can also upgrade and customize materials on some pieces. 10 year warranty for the product.

By just changing some bolts you can add different pieces like the desk surface and improve your outdated working setup.

Remove all accessories and you have a comfortable and adjustable chair you can put and carry anywhere you want.

β–Ί SPEED COCKPIT - All In One Chair