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SLEEPMUFFS BY BLISSTIL - Soundless Sleep, Everywhere

SLEEPMUFFS BY BLISSTIL - Soundless Sleep, Everywhere

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πŸ† SLEEPMUFFS BY BLISSTIL - Soundless Sleep Everywhere


🎯 SleepMuffs is the world’s first and only sound blocking neck pillow.

Being awoken by noise affects 50% of the population according to the Sleep Health Foundation, and continues to affect people during the pandemic.

Neck pain is also a common issue with 1 in 3 people affected every ear according to the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care.

SleepMuffs has been designed to tackle these problems simultaneously, ultimately putting the user into their own personal cocoon, wherever they are.

It is the very first of its kind and allows users to seamlessly block out up to 33dB of sound without any electronics or harmful waves, while benefiting from neck support in bed and while travelling.

SleepMuffs proprietary design enables sound reduction similar to top of the line active noise cancelling headphones for a fraction of the price with the added benefit of being specifically designed for sleep.

Additionally, its neck wedge, wide side cushions and ergonomic design allows users to release neck muscle tension by gently holding their neck in a neutral position and stopping it from tilting side-to-side whilst on their backs. Whilst on their side, SleepMuffs helps elevate their head to get their neck in-line with the rest of their spine.

SleepMuffs also works as a neck pillow while sitting upright against a seat. It can also be used to rest your head against windows or walls. It is compatible with certain eye masks and earbuds.

It comes covered with a removable, machine washable cover that is made from sustainable and recycled products. It is available in various prints.

Additionally, SleepMuffs engineers purposefully excluded electronics and active noise cancelling due to concerns around safety and comfort.

β–Ί SLEEPMUFFS BY BLISSTIL - Soundless Sleep Everywhere

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