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SHUNZAO - Hair Self-Cutting Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

SHUNZAO - Hair Self-Cutting Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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πŸ† SHUNZAO - Hair Self-Cutting Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


🎯 Hair-cutting Tech | 190AW Suction Power | Replaceable Battery | A Variety Of Different Attachments

SHUNZAO MOW (Z12 Pro) is the world's first lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner with hair self-cutting technology, bringing you the world-class cleaning power to best meet all your cleaning needs. The 5-layer filter system effectively improves the filtration without reducing the airflow and losing suction, saves you from buying additional filter replacement.

SHUNZAO MOW (Z12 Pro) comes with multi-functional accessories for carpets, bedding, car seats and corners, etc., easily clean everywhere needed! It also has an advanced LCD screen display that monitors system performance and shows available power, suction and blockage reports in real-time.

SHUNZAO MOW (Z12 Pro) is equipped with horizontally opposed blades that can cut tangled hair quickly and efficiently. It prevents long human and pet hair from wrapping around the roller and clogging the hose.

The 190AW ultra-strong suction power provides more thorough and efficient cleaning. It produces a maximum of 27,500PA suction power which is more effective in getting rid of stubborn dirt and grime hidden away in your carpets and tricky corners, in between pieces of furniture, under your bed and so on.

The clogging of filters and other common vacuum cleaner problems can lead to a loss of vacuum suction. Cyclone suction involves spinning air at a very high speed up to 145,000 RPM per minute to separate dust from the airflow before it gets anywhere near the filters, then throw dirt and dust out of the airflow and into the collection bin. This technology doesn't clog and lose suction that you don’t even have to replace the filter, but it’ll still maintain the highest efficiency and cleaning performance continuously.

A high-performance lithium battery provides up to 65 minutes of powerful suction while in standard mode, covering an estimated area of 400 square meters. The battery can last up to 20 minutes while the vacuum is in max mode, giving enough operating power to deep-clean your home.

Do you still worry about the battery life couldn’t last long enough for a thorough house cleaning? SHUNZAO MOW (Z12 Pro) is equipped with a replaceable battery design to extend your cleaning time x β€œN” times.

β–Ί SHUNZAO - Hair Self-Cutting Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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