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SHINE BATHROOM - Automate Toilet Cleaning & Maintenance

SHINE BATHROOM - Automate Toilet Cleaning & Maintenance

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🏆 SHINE BATHROOM - Automate Toilet Cleaning & Maintenance


🎯 Automate Toilet Cleaning & Maintenance

The Bathroom Assistant automates toilet cleaning & maintenance. Keeping your toilet clean without the use of harmful chemicals.

Place It Anywhere.
Thanks to its rechargeable battery pack, you can place the Bathroom Assistant anywhere near the toilet, including behind the toilet if you’d like to hide it. The only requirement is that the spray bar needs to reach the toilet bowl’s rim, and the water sensor needs to reach the water inlet pipe to your toilet.

Add Water & Cleaning Pod.
Simply fill the Assistant with water from your sink and insert the cleaning pod. You will need to refill the tank and replace the pod at least once a month.

Create Electrolyzed Water.
Our mobile app makes creating electrolyzed water as easy as tapping a button. Once the process is complete, you’ll have a tank filled with a cleaning solution that’s as powerful as bleach, but without the harmful chemicals.

Enjoy Automated Cleaning.
Once you’re fully setup, Sam will take care of the rest by ensuring your Assistant sprays after each flush, alerts you in the event of a leak, and will keep track of your water use to help you save money—and to know when to send you replacement cleaning pods or parts.

SHINE BATHROOM - Automate Toilet Cleaning & Maintenance

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