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RUGGED GEEK - RG1000 Safety Plus GEN2

RUGGED GEEK - RG1000 Safety Plus GEN2

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πŸ† RUGGED GEEK - RG1000 Safety Plus GEN2


🎯 RG1000 Safety Plus GEN2

Every Rugged Geek Jump Starter comes equipped with INTELLIBOOST Spark Resistant Safety Technology.

Many people have a general fear of boosting their vehicle. They are scared of connecting the cables wrong, they are scared of sparks, they are scared of β€œfrying” the vehicle’s sensitive electronics, etc. INTELLIBOOST takes the fear and risks away.

When you first plug the INTELLIBOOST cables into the Rugged Geek jump starter, no power will flow to the clamps.

This means you can connect the red and black clamp to each other and all that will happen is the INTELLIBOOST cables will start beeping and the red light will turn on, to tell you something is not connected properly.

This is the same thing that would happen if you connect the clamps to the wrong terminals on your vehicle battery, just a simple beeping noise, and a red warning light.

Only once the clamps are connected to the proper terminals on a vehicle and the INTELLIBOOST senses a proper draw from the vehicle, will power flow from the jump starter.

This keeps the vehicle safe and keeps you safe.

As well, once the vehicle starts, the vehicle’s charging system will start sending power back to the vehicle battery.

With many jump starters on the market, this means a surge of power going back to the battery in the jump starter.

This is not safe.

With our INTELLIBOOST technology, as soon as the vehicle starts, the connection to the jump starter is cut off so no power flows back in to the jump starter.

Thus further protecting you and prolonging the life of the portable jump starter.

β–Ί RUGGED GEEK - RG1000 Safety Plus GEN2

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