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PULCH - Multiple Displays To Multitask

PULCH - Multiple Displays To Multitask

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πŸ† PULCH - Multiple Displays To Multitask


🎯 A magnetic gadget holder with flexible adjustment | Phone & Laptop Stand | Dual Screen Opportunity

Pulch is a magnetic, flexible screen holder that will take your computing experience to a new level. It will help you increase your productivity by providing multiple displays to multitask. Pulch is very flexible, meaning you can easily adjust the best angle for you and your phone.

One hand, two devices? Right! With Pulch, everything is possible. It puts two of your screens together, and there is no need to hold them both. Pulch will do it for you.

The mounting system of Pulch is flexible and easy to handle. It rotates up to 360 degrees, allowing you to adjust it to yourself.

No screws, no suctions, no tripods. Pulch is meant to put together two of your displays without additional effort. You can play, study, work, and broadcast at the same time. Have the best dual-screen experience with Pulch.

Pulch is durable. The magnets inserted in Pulch are of exceptionally high quality, meaning it will serve you for a very long time. By purchasing Pulch, you’ll surely get a long-lasting partner for your devices. What’s more, Pulch is produced in several colors, so you have the choice to pick the color you like the most.

Pulch is not made to be used only with laptops and tablets, but you can also attach it to computer monitors and other devices. You decide whether to attach it to the sides of the computer screen or the top. The rest will be taken care of by Pulch.

Pulch’s magnetic energy is so powerful that you won’t have to worry about dropping and breaking your gadget. Moreover, it is not only designed for holding phones, but you can also attach other devices, like lightning.

Probably most of you had faced a situation when you needed light for video meetings or other reasons, but there was nothing that would hold your light in a perfect position. Good news! Pulch will do it for you.

Pulch is created so that you can attach your phone at any position, be it horizontal, vertical, or any other. The strong magnetic power of Pulch will hold your device steady at your preferred angle as long as you wish.

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