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PROLAB MOUSE - The Coin Sized All-In-One Control Hub

PROLAB MOUSE - The Coin Sized All-In-One Control Hub

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πŸ† PROLAB MOUSE - The Coin Sized All-In-One Control Hub


🎯 An Intuitive Air Mouse + PPT Controller + Camera Remote + Media Controller + Keyboard for your laptop, tablet, and smartphone

There’s nothing like the ProLab Mouse. Without question, they’ve designed the smallest and most advanced control hub in the world. Weighing just 8g (.3 oz), the ProLab Mouse puts full control of your smart devices right at your fingertips. This valuable tool for work and play is a combination of an air mouse, a keyboard and a remote PPT/camera /media controller.

Using Bluetooth technology, the ProLab Mouse instantly connects to most laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This allows you to control music, videos, web navigation, and more. Change settings at the touch of a button, and enjoy digital control with no limits.

Easy to hold and even easier to use. With its 360-degree rotated trackball and four clicker buttons, it only takes one hand to control dozens of different functions. Once you hold the ProLab Mouse, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

The ProLab Mouse has all functions of an ordinary mouse, and puts an end to the search for mousepads and flat services. With its pioneering Air Mouse mode, conventional controls become a problem of the past. Enjoy full movement via the 360-degree trackball. You can also right-click, left-click, scroll, highlight text, and more. Control your laptop, tablet, or smartphone from up to 10 meters away – no cords required.

Effortlessly play music and video or take hands-free photos. Leave that bulky selfie stick at home! Now you can take picture-perfect photos from any distance. Love to play music while you exercise? You can change songs and alter volume without having to touch your device.

The three modes of the ProLab Mouse combine to make it the most intuitive digital controller on the planet. Small enough to fit on your finger, it gives you instant power to control all your smart devices. From meetings and presentations to photography and entertainment, everything you need is just a click away.

The ProLab Mouse puts your entire presentation in the palm of your hand. Turn pages, scroll, and switch documents in seconds! Then access media to play videos, adjust volume, and more. Your PPT presentation will be a guaranteed show stopper, but you’ll never have to stop and click your laptop.

Now you can get the perfect selfie without all the effort. Simply move the mouse to adjust the focus or lighten the image. Then set up your phone and click away for discreet, hands-free wide shots. Your photos will never feel limited again.

The ProLab Mouse is a full-service digital controller for music, movies, and more. Simply connect to your device via Bluetooth to gain total control over your entertainment experience. Stop, start, and pause movies and music. Change songs, adjust the volume, and more. Perfect for jogging, exercising, or just lounging around. You'll never need to bother with a remote again.

Thanks to ProLab Mouse's one-touch functionality, you can switch between multiple modes to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Move effortlessly from browsing the web to playing a movie or answering a phone call – all without having to get up or switch devices.

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