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PADKIX - Women Try Period Panties

PADKIX - Women Try Period Panties

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πŸ† PADKIX - Women Try Period Panties


🎯 Women Try Period Panties

Padkix is the innovative undies that eliminates the use of disposable pads.

Made with eco-friendly materials.
Without menstrual pads, adolescent girls miss school every month. With Padkix, they would have something more permanent than disposable pads.

Padkix has bamboo microfiber as its absorber. It is thermal regulating. It stays 2-3 degrees cooler in hot temperatures and 2-3 degrees warmer in cold temperatures.

Padkix is the first and only washable menstrual panty that uses bamboo microfiber as an absorber.

The design is inspired by the French New Wave era during the 60s where freedom, liberation, and innovation are common themes in the field of arts, science, and politics.

The Rose Bag is a water-resistant and stain-proof bag made of recycled rice sack. It's perfect for storing fresh Leak Free and depositing used ones.

That way we can expedite our vision of reducing trash on landfills by replacing disposable pads with an eco-friendly alternative.

β–Ί PADKIX - Women Try Period Panties

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