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OVICX WEKEEP - Most Affordable Smart Fitness Bike

OVICX WEKEEP - Most Affordable Smart Fitness Bike

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πŸ† OVICX WEKEEP - Most Affordable Smart Fitness Bike


🎯 1-Year Free Membership | Data Tracker | Live And On-Demand Courses | Easy-To-Adjust | Convenient Storage

According to health experts, cycling is an excellent aerobic exercise for burning calories, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and strengthens muscles.

Train at home with the unparalleled exercise bike and master a new workout challenge at any time. The WEKEEP fitness bike transforms into a smart bike in seconds. Download the RebornFit App on any iOS or Android device. Simply connect the bike to a power source and turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet.

With WEKEEP, you don't have to worry about the bad weather, and there's no excuse for not having time to exercise. Just 15 minutes a day, you can build a healthy body from the inside and out.

Equipped with four different classes of adjustable intensity, all your activities and training data are automatically recorded.

The RebornFit app tracks all your training data to easily manage your progress along the way. Record all your training statistics, training times, data frequencies, and calories.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, find hundreds of courses with different training intensities that best suit your needs.

Within the RebornFit app, it provides step by step lessons to offer you more options for your workout routine. They will hold a live course on the RebornFit app every day at 9:30 pm EST. You can join and follow the instructor to train with people around the world.

To create a motivating atmosphere during the live sessions, the instructor can see your name and interact with you.

It's connects to a wide range of apps with built-in Bluetooth and training systems such as ZWIFT/Kinomap. (Compatible for all BLE App)

Made of high-quality steel, the WEKEEP solid, stable and stays in one place as you pedal. With a maximum payload of 265 pounds, it'll take your at-home workout to new heights!

The transport wheels are designed for easy transportation. Simply tilt the bike upwards and then effortlessly push or pull it.

This bike is designed for everyone and every home. With a modern design and a footprint of just 6.15 square feet, the WEKEEP bike provides a high intensive work out without taking over your space.

Equipped with an extra-large cushioned seat, the WEKEEP ensures a comfortable ride every time. The soft professional handlebar provides comfort and stability in all training positions.

β–Ί OVICX WEKEEP - Most Affordable Smart Fitness Bike

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