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NOVA H1 - Audio Earrings The Only Clip-on Earphones On The Planet

NOVA H1 - Audio Earrings The Only Clip-on Earphones On The Planet

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πŸ†Β NOVA H1 - Audio Earrings The Only Clip-on Earphones On The Planet


🎯 NOVA H1 Audio Earrings, the only clip-on earphones on the planet

NOVA H1 Audio Earrings are the first clip-on earphones on the planet. These Earrings are fully packed with the latest technology embedded in real pearls to provide you with music, phone calls and digital assistants all day long.

Thanks to their worldwide patented Directional Sound Technology, the sound travels from the earlobe to the ear canal avoiding sound leakage and keeping your conversations and music private and secure.

Two tiny high-end microphones are integrated into each Earring providing the user with crystal clear phone calls and wind-noise cancelation.

Women wear their earrings all day long, but to date, they only served decorative purposes. Why not include high-tech audio in there?

Other audio product manufacturers tend to respond to what women need and like by simply changing their product color to pink. But because they really wanted to take into consideration women’s needs, demands and preferences, they designed this camouflaged pair of earphones.

Besides being beautiful, the NOVA Audio Earrings also open up a new category of audio devices. On the one hand, they can be worn all day without being intrusive, and on the other, they provide the most possible natural sound experience - augmented hearing. The technology is so camouflaged that while using them no one around you will perceive them as a headset, making people approach you and talk to you as they normally would.

The NOVA H1 Audio Earrings consist of a real pearl mounted on a silver or a gold-plated silver clip. The Audio Earrings are nickel-free and come in two versions – clip-on or with a stud for those with pierced ears.

Stream music from any audio source like Spotify, Google Play Music or Apple Music, or your music library on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Control your Audio Earrings with the button located at the back part of each Earring. Answer phone calls, play or skip songs, activate the digital assistant…wire-free and while keeping your smartphone in your bag.

Since you can wear their Audio Earrings all day long as you would do with conventional earrings, you will never have to worry about finding your headset or earphones when someone calls – answer the call directly by pressing the button on the back of the Earrings.

Furthermore, thanks to its 4 microphones and 2 speakers, the phone conversations are crisp and clear.

Activate your smartphone's assistant with the Audio Earrings and use the voice commands to control your device.

With NOVA's patented Directional Sound Technology, keep your private conversations private.

Experience true wireless sound - music or phone calls - with Bluetooth 5. Even when you are not using them, the Audio Earrings are keeping a low energy connection to the smartphone – the Audio Earrings will remain paired but barely consume battery.

Enjoy them all day long with 3+ hours of playtime - your Audio Earrings will automatically save battery with the ultra sleep mode when you are not actively using but wearing them.

Charge your Audio Earrings on the go with the portable charging case that will allow a total of 20+ hours of music streaming.

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