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NEWOCUBE - Super Fast And Smart One-Click Inflator

NEWOCUBE - Super Fast And Smart One-Click Inflator

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πŸ† NEWOCUBE - Super Fast And Smart One-Click Inflator


🎯 150 PSI inflation pressure | 4+N smart preset modes | One-click Operation | 5 mins to pump up tires

What would you do if your car tire ran flat in the middle of nowhere at night? Call a roadside service? Drive miles away to look for a gas station or garage?

Take ages to inflate the tire yourself with a traditional heavy bulky air compressor pump that has no built-in pressure gauge? That means you'll have to keep checking the tire pressure while inflating in the dark.

All these are a waste of your precious time and energy. Also, it can be super frustrating when it comes to inflating bike tires and balls with those flimsy air pumps that never get the job done!

It’s time to say goodbye to all those complicated and cumbersome air compressor pumps. We introduce this multi-functional and highly performing NewoCube that will definitely amaze you!

NewoCube is a handheld, super portable air pump that provides an easier and smarter way to inflate everyday items. Inflate your tires automatically with just one press of a button!

The 2-in-1 adapter combines a Schrader valve and a Presta valve which can be changed from an inflator to a deflator with just a twist of the cap.

NewoCube allows easy monitoring of air pressure during inflation and auto-stop exactly at the preset pressure to prevent over-inflating the tire. So that you don’t need to monitor the tire pressure all the time and can even walk away from the device during inflation.

NewoCube provides smart modes for different items: bike, motorbike, car, ball and more. Each mode has a preset pressure value. Simply press the power button to start inflating.

NewoCube has an accurate, easy-to-read built-in pressure gauge. Simply connect the nozzle to the valve of the tire and it will auto-detect the pressure level. The LCD indicator will give you more precise readings and you can also read the real-time pressure easily in the dark.

The can size NewoCube is lightweight, durable, compact, extremely portable to carry around, and only requires little storage space. It is small enough to fit in your car glove box, fit easily in the motorbike storage compartment, attach to your bike, or packed into your bag. Carry your most helpful tool with you wherever you go.

NewoCube provides great peace of mind with a built-in bright LED light that can it illuminate the tire you are inflating in darkness.

NewoCube is designed to be simple to operate with one hand and handy to inflate anywhere anytime. Save you time, energy, and money! The perfect supply of air - Quick without the added frustration.

β–Ί NEWOCUBE - Super Fast And Smart One-Click Inflator

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