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MUKI BOUNCEMAN - Invisible Flick Stand

MUKI BOUNCEMAN - Invisible Flick Stand

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πŸ†Β MUKI BOUNCEMAN - Invisible Flick Stand


🎯 Invisible Flick Stand

MUKI BounceMan-The world’s first invisible and portable flick stand for all your electronic devices. Easily attach to the back of all devices to make it self-stand and give you a healthier working and entertaining posture. Automatically extended by a spring in 0.3 second when the switch is activated. Completely steer clear of any vent, strip or pad on the bottom to give your device better airflow. So your laptop always stays cool and runs at its top speed.

As slim as a coin, your laptop can slide in/out of its sleeve with MUKI on with absolutely no obstacle.

MUKI BounceMan is compatible with almost all your mobile devices regardless of their sizes or models. It can be applied to anything flat that you would like to make self-standing or elevated. Smartphone, tablet, Kindle, Switch, keyboard, you name it.

It's ideal for a hands-free video watching, game playing, facetiming and web surfing on your smartphone. It allows your body to adopt a more ergonomic posture by offering both vertical and horizontal viewing angles to your smartphone.

Nice silicone padding at the bottom of the stand helps prevent the laptop from slipping. No matter how hard you pound on the keyboard when playing games or drawing on the iPad, MUKI BounceMan remains the rock behind your devices, making them easy to work with.

β–Ί MUKI BOUNCEMAN - Invisible Flick Stand