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MUDRA BAND - Touchless Control For Apple Watch

MUDRA BAND - Touchless Control For Apple Watch

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πŸ† MUDRA BAND - Touchless Control For Apple Watch


🎯 Mudra Band lets you enjoy music, manage calls and notifications using effortless finger movements

How come you operate your phone with one hand, but your watch requires two?
With Mudra Band, you get to control your watch using only the hand that wears it, even when you have gloves on or when your hands are wet.

Urgent calls that demand your response have a way of coming in just when you’re trying to get other things done. Mudra Band lets you accomplish your tasks without using your nose to take or dismiss important watch events.

With Mudra Band, you don’t need to stop, stand, look at the watch, touch it, or use your other hand to control your musical soundtrack. Simply move your fingers to switch tracks, skip around, adjust the volume, etc., and keep exercising without interruption.

When you intend to move a finger, electrodes in the Mudra Band capture the neural signals sent from your brain, through the wrist, to your fingers. The patented SNC sensors capture the signals, while our deep learning AI algorithms decipher the signal pattern and classify which finger is being moved.

The Mudra band offers a delightful and enjoyable interaction and immerses the user in the watch experience with gestures that are simple to perform, intuitive and easy to remember. Mudra gestures are defined based on extensive behavioural research, in order to provide the most natural interaction method.

Mudra supports:
● Discrete gestures are individual finger movements – such as a single finger moving, or the soft tap of a finger on the thumb.
● Continuous gestures are various fingertip pressure gradations applied to physical objects or other fingers.
● Air-touch gestures combine fingertip pressure and an air mouse – such as sliding to unlock.

Mudra classifies user gestures by processing an unstructured neural signal pattern. To solve the challenge of different ways an individual performs gestures and the large variance in wrist sizes, they implemented the most advanced Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning algorithms.

What happens if I just scratch my head or unintentionally moved a finger?
They are building a unique algorithmic pipeline which learns intended gesture vs. unintended movement, and connects it with the context of the user's activity, so you can use Mudra and use your fingers at the same time.

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