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MOOSE DESIGNS - Multi-Functional Workstation Bag

MOOSE DESIGNS - Multi-Functional Workstation Bag

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πŸ† MOOSE DESIGNS - Multi-Functional Workstation Bag


🎯 Multi-Functional Workstation Bag

The World's Most Functional Bag that has foldable side walls to create your private workstation anywhere!

Meet the most functional laptop bag ever!
The Moose Designs laptop bag is a professionally made, stylish and innovatively designed bag for mobile entrepreneurs, creators and adventurous people. This laptop bag is not just a laptop bag, it is a mobile workstation that does much more than just carry a laptop. Patent-Pending.

The clear material of the cell phone pouch allows the phone to sit in the pocket, be seen and the touch screen can be operated without removing the phone from the bag. This innovative idea not only makes communication on the go super convenient but keeps your phone safely in view at all times while charging from the built-in USB port located right on top.

The innovative ideas have made this laptop bag a must have, the ingenious side pocket wings that, when opened and stood up, create a private workspace anywhere with over 15 pockets over all, touch screen phone pocket, lots of elastic straps in and out, built-in USB port, water-resistant zippers and fabrics, the list goes on with its functionalities.

For anyone who lives on the road or in the air and needs their laptop and work tools with them this is the ultimate laptop bag to make life easier!

β–Ί MOOSE DESIGNS - Multi-Functional Workstation Bag