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MONTAGE - Eco-Friendly Versatile Everyday Backpack

MONTAGE - Eco-Friendly Versatile Everyday Backpack

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πŸ† MONTAGE - Eco-Friendly Versatile Everyday Backpack


🎯 One of a kind bags from nature to store your treasures through your journey

Searching for a pragmatic regular bag that is a veggie lover and harmless to the ecosystem, while as yet looking Γ  la mode? Meet the Montage bag.

Planned in Los Angeles, California, MONTAGE is a rectangular-formed bag that is made out of premium Portuguese cork. It was planned fully intent on being an agreeable and flexible ordinary bag which can be worn in more ways than one - as a rucksack, handbag, or a folder case style pack/PC bag. The style of the bag can be changed by just changing the straps.

The Montage bag was planned with organisation and ease of access in mind. The inside of the bag comes with the following compartments:

● Main compartment, which is large enough to hold a 15β€³ laptop;
● Water bottle holder;
● A slip pocket at the back which is large enough to store documents or an iPad and has a magnetic closure;
● A smaller slip pocket on the opposite side which is divided into two compartments;
● Two zipper pockets;
● Two pen slots.

On the exterior of the Montage bag, you will find a zipped slip pocket on the front, which is great for easy access. The back of the bag features a double zippered pocket which doubles up as a sleeve that can be used to place the bag on luggage while travelling.

Other than being eco-friendly, the way that the bag is produced using vegan leather makes the bag incredibly light (multiple times lighter than real leather), yet still solid, durable and resistant.

The Montage bag comes in a single standard size and is accessible in three tones - dark green, burgundy and black.

By and large, the Montage bag is a gorgeous, harmless to the ecosystem and agreeable ordinary bag. It's ideal for any individual who will in general haul a great deal of things around and might want to store everything in one agreeable bag.

Montage is a brand made forever and all the delightful insanity encompassing it.

β–Ί MONTAGE - Eco-Friendly Versatile Everyday Backpack

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