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MINI PUPPER - Open-Source ROS Robot Dog Kit

MINI PUPPER - Open-Source ROS Robot Dog Kit

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🏆 MINI PUPPER - Open-Source ROS Robot Dog Kit


🎯 Mini Pupper will make robotics easier for schools, homeschool families, enthusiasts and beyond

Picture a dog-shaped quadruped robot that can hop, trot, and run around, supporting 12-DOF, ROS (Robot Operating System) SLAM, Navigation, and OpenCV AI functions - while being inexpensive. Mini Pupper is the dream sidekick for you to learn and experiment with robotics, exploring advanced functions of a dynamic robot that would typically not be available at this price point.

In June 2021, MangDang released Mini Pupper on the Stanford Pupper website in collaboration with Nathan Kau, the original creator of Stanford Pupper, to bring to market a commercial and reasonably priced educational quadruped robot that anyone could engagingly use for fun robotics research and experiments.

Mini Pupper’s design was based on the feedback they received from their existing customers. The ease of use, assembly and disassembly are the result of precious feedback from users that allowed them to keep improving what ultimately came to be a user-centric robot that you can easily understand, explore, learn from, and play with - and for a price that most can afford!

Mini Pupper is a dog-shaped robot that is aimed at stimulating and empowering your creativity. That’s why they are not presenting it as a closed project that can’t evolve from here. On the contrary, Mini Pupper leverages Ubuntu and ROS to operate its FSN (Full Self-Navigation) System.

Mini Pupper supports not only Melodic but also Noetic. ROS2 is also in their pipeline.

MiniPupper supports SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping), it can map its environment and learn in real-time from things around using Lidar or a camera sensor.

With the map, Mini Pupper can answer, “where am I? Where am I going?” you can call it self-driving technology.

You can use Mini Pupper to explore many gait performances, such as Trot (diagonal pairs), Pace (lateral pairs), and the Bound (front and rear pairs).

You can easily to custom your own facial animation, mechanical shell, and your own algorithms, they will supply enough guide documents and videos to make it easy.

Mini Pupper supports OpenCV's latest 3D camera module, named OAK-D LITE, it brings the superpowers of Spatial AI to the price-point necessary to unlock all sorts of applications. With the module, Mini Pupper can run face detect, recognition, object detect, recognition, etc.

Servo is the key component to a robot dog. They've got high torque custom servos, which allows it to go fast and stable. They didn't just choose the cheapest option, they chose the right option. They wanted it to have personality and be approachable and draw people in.

Most robots of this category feature an 8 DOF (degree of freedom), which translates into less organic movements. They were not happy with the idea of limiting Mini Pupper to these constraints, so, after extensive debate within their team and research, they were eventually able to create their quadruped robot with a 12 DOF that allows it to follow biological movements but at an affordable price.

You can use the controller to enjoy and explore Mini Pupper's many features. Besides that, you can easily to custom your own facial animation and algorithms by PC, they will supply enough guide documents and videos to make it easy.

They’re organizing an online course series that is tied to understanding and exploring Mini Pupper - namely the mechanical, hardware, ROS, SLAM, navigation, AI, and other angles of the robot. In other words, for you, this is the robotic educational experience of a lifetime!

► MINI PUPPER - Open-Source ROS Robot Dog Kit

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